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This Morning from CBS News, Aug 28, 2015

Virginia shooting

The selling piazza where dual reporters were gunned down on live radio Wednesday is reopening to a open today. Reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward of CBS associate WDBJ in Roanoke were killed in a ambush. CBS News is training some-more about a gunman’s actions following a lethal shooting, as good as his hilly practice history. Jeff Pegues reports from Moneta, Virginia.

Stocks yo-yo

Despite a powerful two-day miscarry on batch markets worldwide, several factors advise investors should sojourn cautious.

Words to wise

Here’s how seasoned investors and veteran advisors act during times of marketplace volatility.

Ongoing efforts

New Orleans mislaid some-more than half a race after Hurricane Katrina. For many, there was no place to live. Some 134,000 homes were shop-worn or broken though given then, 81 percent have been reconstructed, interjection to an army of builders. CBS News match Michelle Miller reports on a ongoing effort.

Katrina Rewind

Ten years ago this week, America watched helplessly as a dear city was scarcely swallowed by a sea. “60 Minutes” was on a belligerent in New Orleans within days, capturing Hurricane Katrina’s distressing issue for a story. Whole neighborhoods were submerged in ghastly H2O as unfortunate residents waited for rescue.

Bashing China

Along with all a glad-handing, branch speeches and posing, there is another buttress of presidential campaigning: bashing China. Chip Reid reports from a White House, that is removing prepared to horde China’s president, notwithstanding flourishing vigour not to from a debate trail.

Rubio: What does he mount for?

The Florida senator has billed himself as a uninformed face for a GOP — though is he regressive adequate to win over a grassroots? (This is a latest in a stability array examining where a 2016 possibilities mount on 5 pivotal issues: education, immigration, a economy, amicable issues and unfamiliar policy.)

A tough rock

Former Vice President Dick Cheney was altered privately — as was his perspective of a universe — by a Sep 11th militant attacks, he tells match Lee Cowan in an talk to be promote on “Sunday Morning” Aug 30. Among other things, Cheney says it done him some-more of a “hard rock.”

Videos Honors

The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards atmosphere Sunday night, and a song industry’s biggest stars will be there to conflict for their Moonmen. Watch performances of a songs nominated for Video of a Year, afterwards expel your opinion here for your favorite.

Love affair

“NCIS: New Orleans” star Scott Bakula helped furnish a new docu-series called “New Orleans, Here Now,” 10 years after Katrina. He told CBS News he’s depressed in adore with New Orleans — and how it came to be.

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