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This WWII Veteran Couple Died on a Same Day After Fulfilling Their Final Wish

WWII veterans Isabell and Preble Staver over their sweet, final wish to snooze together and reason hands, before failing on a same day, one week later.

At a Norfolk, Virginia, assisted vital trickery on Oct. 17, a late couple’s nurses and children brought them into a room with a double bed, where they lay underneath a coverlet of bravery for one final cuddle.

“They didn’t contend a singular word to any other,” their daughter Laurie Clinton tells GoodHousekeeping.com. “They only reached out for any other — their hands, like magnets, clasped together — and they looked so peaceful.”

Eight days later, Isabell and Preble were in their particular bedrooms during a facility, when they both died. Isabell, 95, upheld divided first, during 6 a.m., and Preble, 96, upheld divided around 8 that evening.

“After Mom passed, we went to Dad’s room and focussed down subsequent to his bed and whispered, ‘It’s fine for we to let go now, Mom is watchful for we on a other side,’ ” says Clinton, who works as a private avocation helper in Norfolk. “I asked if he wanted to go to her funeral, and he said, ‘No,’ and cried. Then, he was gone, too.”


Isabell and Preble met on a blind date in Philadelphia in a early 1940s. Isabell was a pediatric nursing tyro and Preble was attending a University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. They strike it off immediately and began a long-distance attribute when Isabell changed to Richmond, Virginia, to continue her nursing education.

“Dad arrange of swept her off her feet,” Clinton says. “He was over 6 feet high with burning red hair, a really large figure, and she was positively smitten. She called him Red.”

The dual fell madly in love, though their intrigue was interrupted by war. Preble was certified to a U.S. Marine Corps on Apr 1, 1942, and left for Japan. He was a margin artillery officer during a Battle of Iwo Jima and after warranted a Bronze Star. Isabell worked as a Navy helper in Bethesda, Maryland, though “missed her swain dearly,” says Clinton. “They wrote letters to any other all a time, and Preble kept a print of Isabell in his wallet, wherever he went.”

As shortly as Preble returned to a U.S. in 1946, a lovebirds got married during St. George’s Episcopal Church in Washington D.C.

“Dad desired that Mom was so caring and inexhaustible and kind-hearted,” recalls Clinton. “And Mom desired a approach Dad done her feel stable and loved.”

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