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Thousands Rally In Support of Chechen Leader Kadyrov, Russia

A mass convene in support of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chechen personality Ramzan Kadyrov took place in a republic’s collateral Grozny on Friday, Russian media reported.

During a demonstration, orderly by Chechen trade unions, thousands of people collected in a executive block of Grozny, cheering “Ramzan” and holding banners with slogans ancillary Russia and Kadyrov and criticizing a Russian opposition.

According to a organizers of a event, called “Our strength is in unity,” a categorical aim of demonstrators was “to demonstrate their umbrella support” for Putin and Kadyrov “in an bid to make a mount opposite a antagonistic army opposite a country, a RBC journal reported, citing a organizer’s statement.

Rally participants called to “unite around Russia’s leaders and make a mount opposite information charge of a member of mortal forces, that have recently launched a full-scale information fight opposite Russia,” a matter said.

The organizers primarily likely a proof would be attended by 750,000 people.

According to a Chechen police, 1 million people have taken partial in a rally, a Interfax news organisation reported Friday. The republic’s race as of Dec. 1, 2015 totals 1.39 million, according to a news agency.

Among a speakers during a convene was a deputy of a Russian Orthodox Church and Alexander Zaldostanov — personality of a Putin-backed biker organisation a Night Wolves, also famous as “the surgeon” — RBC reported. Kadyrov did not make an coming during a rally.

The proof was hold a week after a Chechen personality verbally pounded Russian antithesis activists — job them “jackals” and “enemies of a people.”

Many antithesis activists, politicians and tellurian rights activists have reacted to a charge with critique and even spoke in preference of Kadyrov’s dismissal.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/556531.html