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Titans wish new uniforms serve build identity

10:08 PM ET

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — It felt like many of Nashville was behind a Tennessee Titans Wednesday night as several players — past and benefaction — led by quarterback Marcus Mariota denounced a team’s new uniforms. Mariota rocked a all-navy jersey.

Several thousand fans were shoulder-to-shoulder down Broadway, a prolonged travel of honky tonks. Butch Spyridon, CEO of Nashville Convention Visitors Corp, estimated that a throng numbered somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000.

Music bloody from an on-stage DJ, a live Titans rope and a Florida Georgia Line uncover to tighten out a festivities. It was about as Nashville as we can get.

“Nashville knows how to chuck a party,” Titans conduct manager Mike Vrabel yelled before a unveiling.

The Titans’ new uniforms, that they’ve branded as “tradition evolved,” come as a group celebrates a 20th deteriorate in Tennessee. It signals a Titans holding another step toward creation themselves a code apart from a Houston Oilers.

The Titans uniforms include of 3 primary tone combinations: navy blue (home), white (away) and a light blue called Titans blue (color rush).

The many extreme change comes in a helmet that is now navy blue with one two-toned china stripe, a underline that resembles a Titan sword. The uniform pants have this same feature. The Titans prior helmet was white with dual navy blue stripes.

The new uniforms have mixed instances of Tennessee state and Titan pride, such as a 3 red stars that are on a Tennessee State dwindle featured on a inside neckline of a jersey. Every series on any jersey is made identical to a Northeast dilemma of a state of Tennessee.

Titans determining owners Amy Adams Strunk put a lot of energy, courtesy and privacy into a uniforms, that took scarcely 4 years to come together. She was pumped.

“This group is not rebuilding. It’s only reloading. And this uniforms designate that,” pronounced linebacker Brian Orakpo, who rocked a white highway jerseys. “Look good, play good.”

Titans ubiquitous manager Jon Robinson, a Tennessee native, teared adult when he talked about what this group meant to him. He called a new uniforms “fierce.”

Nike pronounced a new uniform is 29-percent lighter than a prior uniform, with a concentration on it being some-more comfortable, lighter and cooler for a players.

“When we initial saw them we unequivocally favourite them,” Titans all-time heading rusher Eddie George said. “I was unequivocally jealous. They have so many options.” The group has noticeably embraced change in a months heading adult to this, such as when Robinson introduced Vrabel as a fifth conduct manager in Titans history, instead of a 18th manager in authorization story in January.

Dozens of Titans players were assemblage in a crowd.

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