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Top 10 examination rituals from stressed students opposite Asia

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Paws for thought: If propitious cats are not enough, what are your elite pre-exam rituals?

Exams are a time of good stress. Especially in East Asia, where a vigour is on to grasp sky-high results.

Whatever a informative differences, all students have their possess rituals and superstitions, either it is personification a propitious song, eating special food or even wearing a span of propitious pants.

Here are some of a ways that exam-crazy students from opposite Asia safeguard they pass with drifting colours.

And there is a criticism form during a finish to let us know your favourite hearing rituals and special ways of preparing.

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KitKat in Japanese sounds like “surely winning” and has spin a good feeling for exams

1. How KitKat got lucky.

Traditionally, Japanese students would eat Katsudon before or on a day of an exam, comprising a comfortable play of rice surfaced with egg and a deep-fried pig cutlet.

The plate name’s correspondence to a word “katsu”, definition “winning” is suspicion to move students luck.

But KitKat in Japan has also been selling itself as a bringer of good luck.

Pronounced as “kitto katto”, a chocolate’s name is identical to a word “kitto katsu”, definition “surely winning”, creation it a good claimant for a good fitness charm.

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Fruit of learning: Hong Kong students eat apples before exams

2. An apple a day.

Canteens opposite Hong Kong University campuses offer apples, and a accumulation of apple dishes, in a run-up to a hearing period.

“The diction of apple in Chinese is “ping guo”, that also means “safety”. So it’s deliberate that we will safely pass a exam,” says Chong Wang, from Nanjing in China.

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Bad hair day: Rinsing divided any possibility of success

3. Avoid soaking your hair.

In your infamous cycle of all-night revision, x-ray food and highlighter pens, we competence have lost to have a shower.

But not to worry – in South Korea, it’s suspicion that soaking your hair could rinse all a trust out.

“There was one child in a category who didn’t rinse hair before exams. The rest of a time he was unequivocally clean, though once we came to know his hearing ritual, we didn’t wish to go nearby him,” pronounced one tyro about a classmate.

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It’s all in a name. For Chinese students, a name for cashew nuts is like “wish to pass”

4. Going nuts over a exams.

Around a month before exams start in Hong Kong, students in clubs, societies and residential halls, will accumulate for “superpass”, or ging guo.

“Superpass” is a array of activities directed during assisting we pass your exams with a tip score. The initial partial is a superpass dinner, that is customarily hold during a Chinese restaurant.

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It’s critical that students eat pig cubes with cashews, one of a signature superpass dishes. The Chinese word for “cashews” sounds like a word for “wish to pass”, and “pork cubes” sounds like “desire for a distinction”.

Homophones, or homonyms, play a vast partial in protocol and damned in many East Asian languages.

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Cutting a fry pig is a partial of many ceremonies in Hong Kong, including “superpass”

5. A cut of luck.

Returning to a hall, it’s time for everybody to have a spin during rupturing by a hulk fry pig, deliberate to be an critical dedicated charity in China.

Each member is given one try during slicing a pig into dual halves.

Those who attain are suspicion to go on to pass all their exams a initial time round, and those who fail, will have to re-sit some.

This is followed by eating kiwis, as a Chinese word for a fruit sounds like “easy to pass exams.”

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Parents in South Korea praying for their children as they take exams

6. Praying for success.

Many students in East Asia have a courteous support of their parents, either they wish it or not.

“Some relatives wait for their children outward a hearing gymnasium praying for them to pass,” says South Korean clergyman Ji-Youn Jung, “My silent did, though my hearing formula incited out to be awful.”

Ultra-keen relatives will go as distant as praying during Buddhist temples any day for a 100 days heading adult to a exam.

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Slippery customer: Seaweed soup could meant hearing disaster

7. Lucky watch contra a sleazy soup.

In South Korea, a slipperiness of a widely-eaten seaweed soup is suspicion to meant we will remove all a trust from a records you’ve been reworking like mad.

“I try not to have seaweed soup before critical skeleton like exams or interviews. But if we occur to eat it though consciousness, we don’t worry too much,” Ji-Youn says.

But Chong Wang from China says: “My personal tradition is to have noodles for breakfast on hearing day, as noodles meant “everything goes smooth” in Chinese. But we also take my propitious watch.”

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Could chickens assistance boost your mind power?

8. Chicken power.

A bit of sugarine competence give we an appetite boost, though South Koreans also trust that this sweetened break could have exam-passing powers.

Yeot, a normal gummy food, is eaten before critical exams, generally university opening exams.

Ji-Youn explains: “Yeot is a gummy sweet, and a Korean difference for “sticky” and “pass opening exam” sound a same.”

Or else splash some duck juice, that is suspicion to give your mind a boost.

Students in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and China tend to splash this while reworking for exams, and on a morning of a hearing itself.

“It’s 0 superstitious,” says Dylan Lee Soon Yoong, a Singaporean tyro during University College London.

“I splash duck hint on a morning of a exam… we down it like a shot after heating it up. It’s ostensible to assistance your thoroughness and is marketed flattering heavily to students in Singapore.”

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Well read: All we need to remember for hearing success, propitious red pants

9. Wear red underwear.

Red is widely believed to be a propitious colour in China. So many trust that it’s a good suspicion to wear some red clothing, or some-more privately red underwear, during an exam.

When a chairman is quite successful, there is a Chinese saying, “Are we wearing red underwear?”

But Chong Wang warns: “Some people competence equivocate wearing red during exams since in China, destroy scores are combined in red on measure sheets.”

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Singaporean students can urge electronically to a “Bell Curve God”

10. Pray for forgiveness from a “Bell Curve God”

The Bell Curve God is an hint of university students’ fears of a bell bend grading complement used in Asia’s tip universities, such as a National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University.

Bell bend grading means not usually measuring how good we did in an exam, though rather how we did in propinquity to everybody else in your class. In an already high-achieving country, that pushes competitiveness to a max.

Shrines to a Bell Curve God have been set adult during both universities, where food and candles are left as offerings to a “God”.

The National University of Singapore has left as distant as environment adult a website, Facebook and Twitter comment for a Bell Curve God, so that students can urge electronically.

“As students, we are theme to a omnipotent, complicated force that is a Bell Curve God. He is a capricious being that decides a grades,” Dylan Lee Soon Yoong explains.

In a month before exams, we do rinse my hair scrupulously though we do not brave to get a hair cut! Wongani, Malawi

In a hometown a protocol before exams that everybody follows is eating a tiny volume of spread with sugarine (Jaggery) usually before withdrawal for exam. The faith is spread is like a mind coolant that keeps a claimant calm. Also there is a faith for wearing dress with colour according to a day. For instance – light coluored dress if going for a hearing on Friday. One some-more – never speak of hearing that has passed. Kumar, India

Dance to a strain Let’s Pretend by Al Jarreau before environment off for a hearing room. Joe, Ghana

I had a coop and a coop pouch, that we suspicion were propitious for me. So, we always would lift them for exam. Sahar, Dubai. UAE

We live in Japan, in sleet country. In a third class of Junior and Senior High school, students do not have ski classes. The reason: since they will “suberu” or “slip” (fail) their exams. (suberu is also used to impute to skiing in this area.)I like to consider that it’s also a bit of common clarity meditative to forestall injuries usually before a all critical exams! Students also request to a behind adult propagandize that is customarily reduce turn than they wish to get into. This is called your “suberidome” school; that is, it will stop we slipping all a approach down into failure. Suberidome also means “anti-slip”, so in Hokkaido during least, people give equine boots from a Banba equine races. They are huge, heavy, with anti trip bumps on them. So, a normal good fitness horseshoe with additional protection! My son is in a throes of comparison high propagandize exams right now, and it unequivocally truly is hearing hell. Vicky, Hokkaido, Japan

Here in Zambia some people trust that during hearing times one should not shake hands with other students as that competence send all your trust to a other person. Because of this faith some students won’t shake your palm for fear that we will take their trust and pass during their expense. Limba, Zambia

Rituals in India: 1. Eat spread and sugarine 2. Study in morning 3. Visiting temples and charity coconut to a duke 4. Forehead Tika – a tradition where a diluted sandalwood pulp is practical in a core of front vertically. 5. Eating Non Veg – A vast volume of Indians go vegan on resourceful duration that includes examination. Ashay, India

These methods competence indeed assistance alleviate, recover or diffuse a dreaded exam/test mind solidify orperformance anxiety. This investigate and “find luck” atmosphere certain beats a slow, relentless build adult of stress joined with indeterminate nutrition, eighteen cups of coffee and dual or 3 hour sum snooze per night during investigate week! Prep and focus. Kimberley, Alberta, Canada

There was an hearing banned in Bangladesh. In a hearing day students were not authorised to eat egg. Parents suspicion if their children eat turn or zero-like made egg their children competence get 0 outlines or outlines next pass marks. But this hearing banned is ceased to exist. As a tyro we don’t perform any rituals in a hearing days. As distant as we know Bangladeshi students and their relatives don’t perform any sorts of protocol solely indicate 6- “Praying for success”. Students, along with their relatives urge in suitability with their particular eremite faith for good result. Arif, Bangladesh

I always investigate in bed since if we have a snooze it will assistance me to connect what we have learned. Shona, Brisbane, Australia

Unlike my sister, we would not investigate a night before an hearing – my logic was that if we didn’t have a good bargain of a element in a hearing already, madly investigate during a final notation wasn’t going to help. we elite removing a good night’s sleep. we also would siphon on menthol cough drops during a hearing as they seemed to ‘kick my brain’ into focus. And we would lift my St. Michael’s award for ‘good luck’. M. Portland, Oregon.

I have come to perform a certain consistent protocol on my possess before to hearing thus, we sojourn tongue-tied right after withdrawal home and keep any word to myself since we consider articulate too most and going for an hearing renders we tiny strength on mental opening hence we tend to forget some square we had in mind, and it has helped me on several moments. Mac-King, Accra, Ghana

Some of a rituals competence sound crazy though it infrequently it helps. we also splash duck hint or soup on a morning of a exam… though not in a shot. we use a tiny bowl. Heating it adult assistance to forestall a “bad taste”. It assistance a lot in your thoroughness and gave some-more appetite to cruise a 2 to 3 hours hearing period. Remember if we humour from flu, a best medicine competence be some duck soup and bed rest. Verus, Malaysia

My slight was to take a long, prohibited bath a week before a exam. The night before we always drank a crater of herbal tea and ate a few pieces of dim chocolate. Melissa

On hearing days, we used to equivocate unlucky dishes (eggs, meats, crabs,round made sweets), crawl before aged members of family to get their blessings, lift tiny flowers offering progressing to God, and write (in tiny font)on tip of answer sheets “May God assistance me”. John, Balasore, India

I remember a protocol of wearing a same shirt and hosiery for any hearing – unwashed. It contingency have worked since in my final hearing (Maths) we got my top mark. Keep my name outta this…

I would always review a tacky novel in a week preceeding final exams, holding it in between durations of investigate and paper writing. It was like switching channels in my brain, for an hour or so. Then behind to study. Patricia, Santa Cruz

On a approach to a hearing center, we used to gently sing a strain with these initial dual lines in a initial verse,:”My God Accept My Heart This Day, And Make It Holy Thine.” Was always successful. Kenneth, Accra, Ghana

In Poland, delegate propagandize students organize studniówka, literally “a hundred days before” celebration around 3 months before their final exams. Red underwear (30 years ago for girls, now for all students) is deliberate to boost your fitness during a exams. In Kraków, after a celebration we are also approaching to revisit a Main Market Square and bound on one feet around a relic of a regretful poet, Adam Mickiewicz. Although a instruction (usu. counterclockwise) and series of rounds vary, what once was an bauble usually some would produce to has spin a tradition used by whole schools. Piotr, Krakow, Poland

The internal museum where we grew adult had an Egyptian sarcophagus. we combined my possess protocol of personally rubbing a nose for fitness before exams. Here, during Harvard University, we have a bronze statue of a founder, John Harvard. Students massage his feet for fitness ensuing in it always radiant like it has been polished. Humans are nuts. Brian, Boston

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