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Travel present guide: 3 travelers offer ideas and inspiration

  • This Nov. 13, 2016 print shows a hurl tip pack, a $380 trek done by d'emploi, a Brooklyn, N.Y. formed company. The company's products are domestic from materials such as sailcloth sourced from boatyards and hardware from Army over-abundance supplies. A fan of a pack, Atlas Obscura co-founder Dylan Thuras, says it stands adult to critical wear and tear, including carrying 100 pounds of camera gear. (d'emploi around AP) Photo: AP / d'emploi



NEW YORK (AP) — What’s a ideal present for someone formulation a trip?

We asked 3 people who make their vital in a transport attention to tell us what they always move with them on trips. We also asked what they’d like to accept as a present to take on trips, and what they’d give to someone formulation a trip.

Here are ideas and impulse for your transport present list from Dylan Thuras, co-founder of a Atlas Obscura website; Crystal Cruises CEO Edie Rodriguez, and John Tanzanella, CEO of a International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association.



MUST HAVES: One good trek that fits in an beyond though can also fit all your stuff, with a laptop slot for easy entrance on a confidence line. we am spooky with not checking bags — we have a bizarre fight opposite a rolling bag, it feels like a improved of a adventurer’s soul. One bag army we to strew unnecessary items. we adore a one we have now by d’emploi, It can mount adult to critical wear and tear, we have pressed a hundred pounds value of camera rigging into it and it hold adult no problem. It is simple, utilitarian, and unequivocally beautiful.

I also always transport with a camera or two, now a Canon EOS 70D, that is a good stout workhorse of a camera. we also mostly move an aged Nimslo 3D camera, that is a camera that shoots on film regulating 4 lenses to make those 3D postcards we have seen in present shops.

Now that my mother Michelle and we are roving with a roughly 2-year-old son, Phineas, we have found that a tiny unstable child chair done to be trustworthy to any chair is an essential.

COULD USE: A good coat. we have ragged my two-piece Spiewak coupler to rags and am in need of a good new coat. Coats are one of those things it is value spending a bit on, and make a good “big gift” as we should be means to get years out of a good coat. we adore a winter coats that have a detachable bombard inside that can be ragged as a lighter coat. Either a Spiewak Heron snorkel parka or a bomber with detachable coupler would be unequivocally extraordinary imagination gifts to get. A good sleet cloak is also most needed, and this all-season sleet cloak by Filson looks utterly nice! we wish my mother is reading this.

TO GIVE: Besides a extraordinary new Atlas Obscura book? One thing we consider it is unequivocally good to give for a outing is a transport watercolor set. You can get a elementary one or a imagination one and along with a set of watercolor postcards it is a unequivocally good transport gift. Taking a time to lay down and paint a small scene, even if it usually take 20 mins helps sketch it into your memory, and afterwards we get to send it to someone we love!

DREAM TRIP: A outing to Albania would be during a tip of my angel godmother wish list. we am deeply meddlesome in a country’s formidable story and pleasing countryside.



MUST HAVES: we always transport with dual passports with additional pages and my general electrical block converter that works in any country. As a “mobile” CEO we contingency transport with both of my iPhones – approbation we have dual – chargers for those phones, and my make-up. My favorite things to transport with are utterly simple: healthy snacks to stay nourished, bottled H2O to stay hydrated and moisturizer since roving generally on planes and during sea can unequivocally dry out your skin.

COULD USE: we would adore a new carry-on suitcase. My stream one has trafficked with me to many destinations and is now really ragged and we only haven’t had time to find a estimable replacement.

TO GIVE: we would really give any traveler an iPad finish with a horse and converter. we would substantially also chuck in a fanciful carry-on suitcase.

DREAM TRIP: A outing on one of a new Crystal AirCruises 29-day itineraries that launch in Aug 2017.



MUST-HAVES: Space-saver roll-up storage bags are essential for make-up when we have to mix business and convenience transport or back-to-back trips in a accumulation of climates. Look for a ones that don’t need a vacuum.

There’s also a good app we use when we transport abroad, CityMaps2Go. Before we leave home, we download a map of a destination. The app doesn’t need Wi-Fi or information roaming for access, though we can still see where we are on a map during all times around your phone’s GPS.

COULD USE: Dress garments that don’t wrinkle!

TO GIVE: A Flytographer print shoot. The association uses internal photographers all over a world. While we explore, they constraint a moments in an spontaneous way. Much improved than holding 1,000 selfies!

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