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Trial of Russian Performance Artist Pavlensky Begins in Moscow

The hearing of scandalous Russian opening artist Pyotr Pavlensky began currently in a Moscow court. He stays in apprehension as dual rapist cases opposite him continue.

He is indicted of deleterious chronological birthright by environment a doorway of a Moscow domicile of a Federal Security Service (FSB) on glow in Nov 2015, a criticism he called “A Threat.”

Initially, he was charged for this attempt on a drift of “vandalism encouraged by ideological hatred,” though this was after changed.

Pavlensky is also confronting desolation charges for environment automobile tires on glow on a St. Petersburg overpass in Feb 2014, a criticism movement in support of Ukraine’s Euromaidan series that he named “Svoboda” (“Freedom”).

The justice hearings were primarily hold in St. Petersburg though were changed to Moscow following a artist’s detention.

Pavlensky final that his performances be classed as an act of terrorism. “I direct to be suspected of terrorism. we consider it follows a proof of your system. Unless a final are met, we exclude to perform your rituals,” he said.

His final were ignored, so a artist has vowed to lay by a justice hearings in overpower but responding questions from a judges.

During a trial, one prosecutor explained that a FSB building has chronological and informative value as informative total were hold there in a 1930s. One declare — an FSB worker — told a justice he listened Pavlensky during a criticism cheering “the FSB is holding a whole of Russia in fear.”

As his invulnerability witnesses, Pavlensky invited 3 sex workers to court, whom he paid.

“Whether we like it or not, there is no disproportion between prostitutes, judges, prosecutors, teachers, directors or bureaucrats,” he explained.

Pavlensky was hold in Moscow’s Butyrka jail before being changed to a “Medved” apprehension centre. The day before a trial, it became famous that a artist was beaten in a Moscow City Court. “I have damaged a knee, fractured a rib and inner bruising,” he wrote in a note from his apprehension cell.

Pavlensky refused to mount adult in court. His outcome is approaching on May 19.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/569820.html