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Trump lashes out during New York Times over Michael Cohen coverage, vows his profession won’t ‘flip’

PALM BEACH, Fla. — President Trump vowed Saturday that his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, will not “flip” and concur opposite him in a special warn review into his campaign’s connectors to Russia, aggressive a New York Times story as partial of a “witch hunt” opposite him.

In several morning tweets, Trump also lashed out opposite a Times over a coverage of a investigation. He slammed Maggie Haberman, a lead contributor on a new story, and called a former help quoted in a story as a “drunk/drugged adult loser.”

The tweets were posted around a time Trump headed out of Mar-a-Lago, his winter review where he has spent a whole week, for a outing to a circuitously Trump golf property. It was a second day in a quarrel a boss spent during one of his possess courses in South Florida.

Trump seemed to be hurt by a front-page Times story Saturday that examined his attribute with Cohen, whose bureau was raided by sovereign authorities final week. The story cited other former Trump debate aides, including Sam Nunberg and Roger Stone, as observant Trump has prolonged treated Cohen abusively by scornful him and melancholy to glow him.

The story suggested Cohen, who has pronounced he paid off adult-film star Stormy Daniels forward of a 2016 choosing to keep still her story of an event with Trump years earlier, could confirm to concur in a review if he faces rapist charges.

In an initial chronicle of his tweetstorm, Trump misspelled Haberman’s final name. He claimed he does not pronounce with her, even yet he has postulated her several interviews given holding bureau and acted with her for a print in a Oval Office. Trump has famous Haberman for years given he was a private developer in New York. The Times’s communication dialect wrote on Twitter that a paper is “extremely proud” of Haberman and that it stands by a story.

A Times photographer, Tom Brenner, who was partial of a press pool following Trump on Saturday morning, posted a print on Twitter that seemed to uncover a boss looking during a phone.

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