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Trump’s Onetime Physician Says Trump Aides Raided His Office, Describing a Year of ‘Torture’

The Trump Organization, that during a time employed both Mr. Schiller and Mr. Garten, declined to comment.

In his initial interviews with The New York Times in 2017, Dr. Bornstein done no tip of a fact that he had wanted to be a White House physician.

During a presidential campaign, he wrote dual letters vouching for Mr. Trump’s health. In Dec 2015, he pronounced that Mr. Trump would be “the healthiest particular ever inaugurated to a presidency,” and in Sep 2016, he pronounced that Mr. Trump was “in glorious earthy health.” (As his frustrations seemed to mountain on Tuesday, Dr. Bornstein told CNN that Mr. Trump had dictated a essence of a initial letter.)

Dr. Bornstein fast fell out of preference with Mr. Trump after a Times article, in that he gave a open accounting of Mr. Trump’s health and complained about a bad seats he was reserved during a president’s inauguration.

In a Times interviews — for that he also asked for a concession in his name to Tufts, a ask The Times also declined — Dr. Bornstein discussed Mr. Trump’s medical history, and bragged about carrying “every phone series for him and all a wives,” whom he also treated. He pronounced Mr. Trump, rumored to be a germaphobe, “changes a paper on a list himself” after examinations.

He also described a drugs Mr. Trump was taking: antibiotics to control rosacea, a statin for towering blood cholesterol and lipids, and finasteride, a prostate-related drug to foster hair growth.

“He has all his hair,” pronounced Dr. Bornstein, who also took a drug. He also slipped in a exaggerate about his possess shoulder-length coif: “I have all my hair.”

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/01/us/politics/trump-doctor-harold-bornstein.html