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TV Review: MTV’s Video Music Awards Were Low on Star Power

This year’s MTV Video Music Awards, reason during New York’s Radio City Music Hall, felt eerily emptied out. It wasn’t, or wasn’t solely, that utterly so many throng shots of Radio City enclosed a unpleasant series of dull seats. Exactly who was blank was a problem. The VMAs, this year, were pointedly abandoned of a star energy that had tangible a uncover for so long. An awards rite that thrives on a tasty collisions between megastars this year usually offering delicately stage-managed appearances.

Beyoncé wasn’t there; conjunction were Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Adele, Justin Bieber, or Ed Sheeran. Yes, awards seasons are cyclical, though several of these stars were nominated for prizes, as was Drake, roughly positively a biggest artist of a summer. He showed adult usually in a form of interstitial strain toll in a display of an Artist of a Year trophy, won by Camila Cabello.

It wasn’t usually that a VMAs were essay to support to Generation Z and honoring stars that elders hadn’t listened of. Indeed, a Video Vanguard Award, a lifetime feat esteem that in new years has left to Beyoncé and Rihanna, went to Jennifer Lopez, who achieved a miscellany of hits expected some-more informed to millennials than MTV’s settled aim audience. Lopez used her impulse to broach both an elaborately staged and superbly jaunty opening and a extensive debate that showed her present for relating to a public; happily wakeful of her singly high wattage, she showed a meagre assembly what a genuine star looked like.

But a uncover seemed carnivorous of what had historically finished it itself. Nicki Minaj, for instance, was a singular instance of a vital stream star in attendance, though her performance was finished off-site and had clearly been pre-taped. And her acceptance debate for a Best Hip-Hop prize, early in a ceremony, finished transparent how many reduction essential a VMAs are than approach channels to fans: Minaj told a assembly to balance into her Apple Music radio show, where they’d find out that of her nemeses she was many indignant at. (In so describing, Minaj forsaken a pointless homophobic slur, one that competence once have been a ninth-most-noticeable bid for courtesy during a VMAs though that stranded out this year as conflicting for an scarcely tame show.)

There was a time when a VMAs were a change-of-season standing news on pop: As MTV’s aim assembly heads behind to propagandize and those somewhat outward that assembly get prepared to spin their mind to graver things, a cocktail universe had historically joined to put on a uncover that could lift viewers into a fall. Just 5 years ago—at a VMAs headlined by Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Drake, and Justin Timberlake, during that Miley Cyrus stole a show—Rihanna showed adult usually to watch. This year, a rite was padded out with estimable though treacherous performances by rising artists that competence have been improved served elsewhere on MTV’s air.

And a few tip performers who showed adult were pushed into double duty, vastly some-more than is typical. Ariana Grande won a esteem and achieved (her Renaissance-inflected take on “God Is a Woman,” involving her possess mom and grandmother, showed a acquire hint of visible imagination). Shawn Mendes performed, in predictably clever voice and unprovocative staging, and presented an endowment to Jennifer Lopez. Cardi B “opened a show” (doing a brief comedy bit) and supposed an endowment with Jennifer Lopez—who managed, in fact, to win a rival endowment on tip of her lifetime-achievement endowment during an overlong ceremony. And Cabello wasn’t usually effectively a usually chairman to whom a camera cut during Madonna’s extensive preliminary to presenting a Video of a Year trophy; she also took a prize.

“Havana” is a successful song, and Cabello a constrained immature star, though a win was formally weird for a uncover that seemed lost. Nominated videos by Drake, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and Childish Gambino finished some-more impact (the final of these was a viral pound when it debuted).

Cabello, during a detriment for words, finished adult dedicating her endowment to Madonna, a star whom she pronounced she idolized. Meanwhile, Madonna had spent her wind-up to presenting a night’s tip endowment profitable loyalty to Aretha Franklin, a pointless tie that finished adult feeling relevant. Her introduction was widely balked-at on amicable media for being self-centered, though in fact seemed to yield singular justification of a common thread between a Queen of Soul and a Queen of Pop. While Madonna might miss Aretha’s generosity of voice, she has a allied bargain of how to reason an assembly by a perfect energy of glamour and self-belief—and she reason a viewer’s gawk improved than did many of a evening’s performers.

Those among today’s artists who can strech a vital assembly select to do so wholly on their possess terms and though mediation. What’s left for a assembly anticipating for a impulse of pleasure are rising stars contrast their skills and younger artists looking for a shot. A good awards uncover places stars into review with one another—not merely over who should win, though also over who’s held in a greeting shot, who’s thanked in a speech. This year’s VMAs felt so theme to stars’ final to be hermetically hermetic from one another that they didn’t feel like many of an awards uncover during all.

After all, fans will balance into Nicki Minaj’s online radio uncover or Drake’s Instagram or Beyoncé’s debate footage and not need MTV as a vector—and those stars know that. Perhaps destiny VMAs will put serve importance on a rising artists who grabbed moments during a ceremony; it seems some-more trustworthy than perplexing to locate a era of artist who seems, effectively, to have quit MTV. If a network can’t get Beyoncé (or a subsequent dozen or so of her closest peers), it might as good try to qualification new stars.

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