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UFC 210: Cormier vs. Johnson 2 formula and post-fight analysis

Anthony Johnson usually fought a strangest fight. The UFC light heavyweight pretension challenger motionless to combat a wrestler. We all know that Johnson has some wrestling cred, though Cormier is an Olympic-level wrestler and Rumble motionless to bind adult and demeanour for a takedown. When he fights during range, he beats people up. Instead, he fought Cormier’s game.

And he lost.

After a sincerely uneventful initial turn where they both usually clinched adult (but Johnson did land some shots when he did have some stretch and even pennyless DC’s nose), Cormier usually took over in a second. Rumble usually seemed to mangle after a 7 notation mark, giving adult his behind and doing zero as shortly as Cormier landed dozens of punches. As shortly as he was means to get a choke, Johnson tapped immediately. It was kind of sad. And we’ve seen it before.

After a fight, Johnson surprisingly retired, observant he was relocating on to another pursuit that has zero to do with MMA. In a night of surprises and confusion, that competence have been a strangeest thing of all.

  • Chris Weidman and Gegard Mousasi finished adult in one of a weirdest situations you’ll ever see in MMA. Mousasi landed a knee that Dan Mirgliotta suspicion was illegal. The doctors came in and looked during Weidman. Mirg afterwards looked during a replay, and altered his mind, though THERE’S NO REPLAY IN NEW YORK. So what do we do then? Weidman could have continued after all a time it took to figure it out, though it was a authorised knee so it should have never been stopped in a initial place. Mousasi got a win, that we could disagree he substantially would have got anyway since a knee broken Weidman. But that was so weird. The New York elect is endangered with warrior safety, and that’s fine, though them and Miragliotta finished a hoax of a quarrel that Weidman was clearly winning adult until then.
  • I still can’t trust we usually saw all that. I’m guessing we’ll see an evident rematch.
  • Well we didn’t consider Cynthia Calvillo vs. Pearl Gonzalez belonged on PPV, though when they couldn’t book Tony Ferguson, that’s what they went with. we might have been wrong there, since Calvillo is quick creation herself a star. Her grappling and scrambling are so many fun to watch, and a second unbroken acquiescence win finished her demeanour like a million dollars. Her post-fight talk was even better, channeling her middle Diaz – “I’m not astounded motherf–kers.”
  • Thiago Alves incited behind a time tonight opposite Patrick Cote. That’s a best I’ve seen him demeanour in age. Hs kicks are always nasty, though his hands looked good as good – they have to be if you’re going to dump a man like Cote twice.
  • Props to Cote, who late after a fight. He helped to put Canadian MMA on a map and we was always a large fan. The man finished his entrance opposite Tito Ortiz during 205 pounds on no notice, and even forsaken him in a fight. His pretension quarrel opposite Anderson Silva during 185 was uncanny and disappointing, though it unequivocally was good to watch him reinvent himself as a welterweight and extend his career as a many some-more technical warrior and not usually a brawler. Thanks for everything, Mr. Cote. You’ll be missed.
  • Holy cow, Charles Olivera. Would anyone have likely that he’d come out and take Will Brooks down? It’s easy to contend that he’s worked on his wrestling and it’s many better, though holding down Brooks is a unequivocally formidable thing to do. And once he got him there, he used his octopus-like grappling to get to his behind and penetrate a choke. Brooks attempted to quarrel it off, though he was stuck. I’m not certain if Do Bronx can make a critical run during 155, though we positively like examination his fights so it should be interesting.
  • I had lost about how good Myles Jury is. His grappling is pleasing to watch, and Mike De La Torre was finished as shortly as Jury took his back. That was a good reintroduction to him, and it’ll be engaging to see how good he can do during 145.
  • Kamaru Usman totally dominated Sean Strickland, and we didn’t see that entrance during all. He harm his eye early and it fundamentally tighten Strickland down. Usman was in sum control on a feet and on a ground, and Strickland didn’t come to quarrel until a final 20 seconds. Maybe he can take some condolence in a fact that he wasn’t finished, we don’t know. But Usman looked incredible.
  • Shane Burgos didn’t seem to be disturbed about Charles Rosa’s distinguished during all. His front leg got chewed adult by Rosa and he chuck a lot of spinning stuff, though Burgos usually bided his time and waited to land a kill shot, that came in a third. He forsaken Rosa with a absurd right hook, afterwards put him down a integrate some-more times before a quarrel was finally called off. Rosa bitterly complained, though he was done.
  • Speaking of that, arbitrate Todd Anderson clear himself unequivocally good in a fights he worked tonight. He stopped fights during a right time, and finished a good call holding a indicate in an progressing quarrel where some refs would have let it slide.
  • Patrick Cummins has a absurd chin. Jan Blachowicz positively bloody him early in a quarrel and he looked done, though he persevered and used his wrestling to totally control a subsequent dual rounds. It was kind of uncanny to see Blachowicz gas so quick like that in a second turn – we always consider a warrior has suffered a rib damage when that happens – though Cummins did what he was good at, and it got him a come-from-behind win.
  • Wow, Gregor Gillespie is a monster. Taking a man out in 21 seconds is impessive, and his distinguished looked amazing. He’s 2-0 in a UFC now and looks to be a tip awaiting during lightweight. It was kind of humorous examination Andew Holbrook protest about a stoppage, deliberation he was clearly knocked out.
  • Desmond Green is smooth. His opposite shots got a best of a furious Josh Emmett, and he can combat too. we privately wasn’t angry that Emmett got a card, as we indeed scored a quarrel for him as well. we felt that Green started too late in a first, and didn’t do many in a third during all. The announcing finished it seem like Green was so distant forward formed on stats, though it felt like a lot of that came in his widespread second round. Regardless, Green got a win.
  • Katlyn Chookagian and Irene Aldana put on a good, tighten quarrel that featured a lot of good striking. It unequivocally could have left possibly way, though Chookagian took a decision. Aldana is still winless in a UFC, that is startling to me.
  • Magomed Bibulatov looked as widespread as many approaching in his UFC debut, holding out Jenel Lausa with ease. About a usually check on things was him losing a indicate for steady round shots, though he looks to be a destiny contender in a diseased flyweight division.

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