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UK teen wins conflict to have physique cryogenically frozen

How does a routine of cryogenic frozen work?

• The person’s physique is cooled regulating an ice bath as shortly as probable after he or she is announced legally passed in sequence to forestall spoil to a mind cells and other tissues.

• The blood is burning out and transposed with a cryoprotectant solution, or special non-toxic anti-freeze, to forestall ice crystals combining that would repairs a cells.

• The physique is packaged in dry ice for travel to a place where a final cooling routine and storage will take place.

• The physique is afterwards solemnly cooled down to even reduce temperatures over several days regulating glass nitrogen. Here, earthy spoil radically stops.

• The physique is placed in a storage tank filled with glass nitrogen.

• Keeping a physique during such low temperatures is suspicion to keep cells, tissues and viscera intact.

• Only a handful of companies in a United States and Russia now offer cryopreservation.

• Proponents of a routine contend that destiny advances in scholarship will concede a subjects of cryogenic frozen to be reanimated.

• It’s suspicion reanimation will capacitate any repairs to cells to be remade and deadly diseases to be cured.

• But skeptics contend that there is no design justification nonetheless that a tellurian physique will tarry cryopreservation with cells that will work again after warming.

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Article source: http://www.cnn.com/2016/11/18/health/uk-teenager-cryonics-body-preservation/