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UPDATE: Saturday afternoon serious threat

After examining a latest runs of information early Saturday morning, there have been some adjustments to a prior forecast.  As early as Friday afternoon, a timing was starting to change from what we were forecasting during a Friday morning show.  Now, instead of a midday charge arrival, a latest information is indicating storms reaching a Shoals by midst to late afternoon and tracking east by a dusk and overnight.  

Storm threats have been practiced as well.  Initially, flooding was a widespread worry, deliberation information was indicating an additional 2+ inches opposite a area.  Now, numbers are trending lower.  Also, yesterday’s sleet combined adult to only over a entertain of an in. during HSV Intl.  Today, storms should expected dump only over an inch.  That can means station H2O and ponding on roads, though poignant tide rises are not during a forefront of a concerns during this point.

In courtesy to a serious aspect with today’s weather, changes have been done to that foresee as well.  Damaging breeze is a many expected hazard to manifest today, though a risk of tornadoes has increasing somewhat, generally to a west in northern Mississippi. Northwest Alabama has a aloft risk for serious storms, including tornadoes.  Generally, storms will be weakening on their lane east toward Sand Mountain, though a charge reaching serious boundary isn’t impossible.  

It’s critical to note that there are still some unlimited variables in today’s forecast.  For example, some information sources prove a turn of sleet and storms late this morning, that would exhaust some of a appetite accessible for serious continue after today.  Persistent cloud cover can extent instability as well.  These factors will play a purpose in a kind of strength a storms are means to say later.

All this to say…the StormTracker continue group is monitoring a serious hazard frequently by a day.  If we are divided from a TV or desktop, we can livestream a serious continue coverage in a eventuality warnings are issued.  Just download a StormTracker Weather App (if we haven’t already!) and corkscrew to a bottom to watch us LIVE.  This is also quite useful if we occur to remove power.  Just make certain those wireless inclination are entirely charged in advance.  

Article source: https://www.waaytv.com/content/news/UPDATE-Saturday-afternoon-severe-threat-506922061.html