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US chief: Politics out of World Cup bid’s control

4:58 PM ET

MOSCOW — For months, a leaders of a United States-led North American bid for a 2026 World Cup have been doing all they can to remonstrate a 200-plus tellurian soccer federations to opinion for them instead during Wednesday’s FIFA Congress.

“We’ve been operative fundamentally nonstop,” U.S. Soccer boss Carlos Cordeiro pronounced here on Sunday night. “But there are some things out of a control, too.”

At a tip of that furious list? Politics. Because while Cordeiro reiterated on Sunday that no association has questioned him directly about a Trump administration or a policies, he conceded that it is unfit to know how a ever-charged atmosphere around President Trump will impact a electorate and a countries they represent.

In many ways, it is a usually poignant furious label in this race.

“We don’t control a lot of things, including what’s function in Singapore,” Cordeiro said, referring to President Trump’s scheduled assembly with North Korean personality Kim Jong-Un this week. “Geopolitics is outward a terrain. And there’s always risk.”

Because Wednesday’s opinion is an open ballot, there has always been a regard that how a nation feels politically about a United States (or Canada or Mexico or Morocco) could impact how that country’s association boss chooses to vote.

And, with President Trump in a news for any series of controversies — including North Korea discussions, heated interactions with G7 countries and even a back-and-forth with a Canadian primary apportion — politics provides a everlasting tide of news, most of it potentially ungainly for a supposed United Bid.

This week’s doubt comes after Trump in May questioned because a U.S. should support other countries who competence run opposite a North American bid. Cordeiro afterwards had to contend Trump’s criticism was not a threat.

The irony, Cordeiro said, is that a Trump administration has supposing “amazing” support to a bid, charity ironclad guarantees about visas, infrastructure and other sum that were pivotal to a United Bid receiving such widespread outlines in FIFA’s technical analysis of a dual bids.

On Monday, Cordeiro and other bid leaders will make a final representation to any of FIFA’s confederations. Then there will be a bit some-more hand-shaking and late-night lobbying before Wednesday’s decision, where — presumption all authorised nations expel a opinion — a sorcery series for feat is 104 votes.

After several months of campaigning (the United Bid estimated it has met with 150 federations in person), Cordeiro struck a assured tinge — “We can’t consider about losing” — though is also leery of presumption anything. After all, it was usually 8 years ago that a United States suspicion it was going to win a hosting bid for a 2022 World Cup, usually to remove to Qatar in a preference that has given led to mixed corruption investigations.

“I feel we have a trail to victory,” Cordeiro said, adding that he believes there will be “surprises” when a ballots are done open and everybody can see how widespread a United Bid’s support runs.

Several small-but-important sum about a list itself were rubbed on Sunday, including FIFA’s resolution of both bids as good as either 4 American protectorates — American Samoa, Guam, a U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico — will expel ballots or have to refrain as a central bidders do. According to Cordeiro, it appears that as any of those countries has an eccentric soccer federation, all will be means to expel a vote.

There was also a rite to establish a vocalization sequence when a bids residence a Congress on Wednesday. After a sketch of lots, a United Bid will go first.

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