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Vanessa Paradis Reportedly Writes Letter Supporting Johnny Depp as Sources Say He Was Never Abusive Towards Her

Johnny Depp‘s ex Vanessa Paradis is reportedly entrance to his invulnerability in a arise of a intolerable domestic abuse allegations intended opposite him by disloyal mother Amber Heard, according to a note performed by TMZ.

The handwritten letter, allegedly sealed by Paradis in Los Angeles and antiquated on Friday, calls Depp a “sensitive, amatory and desired person.” While she never creates a approach anxiety to Heard, she allegedly does write that “these new allegations being done are outrageous.”

“In all these years we have famous Johnny he has never been physically aroused with me and this looks zero like a male we lived with for 14 smashing years,” Paradis allegedly wrote.

Paradis, 43, and Depp, 52, were together from 1998 to 2012, and share dual children: daughter Lily-Rose Depp, 17, and son Jack, 14. Depp began his attribute with Heard shortly after bursting from Paradis, and a integrate got married in 2015.

Vanessa Paradis Reportedly Writes Letter Supporting Johnny Depp as Sources Say He Was Never Abusive Towards Her| Divorced, Movie News, Amber Heard, Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

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Multiple sources tighten to Paradis tell PEOPLE that there was never any issues of domestic assault between a couple.

“Never any story in 14 years, never a clarity of violence, never a scene,” says a former friend. “That’s so not Johnny and Vanessa. Johnny was really sensitive, both were. It was critical to them that they set good examples to their children.

“They were a normal couple,” a crony continues. “He was a really good father and together they took implausible caring of their children.”

Paradis, a French thespian and singer, connected with Depp while he was filming The Ninth Gate in France – 4 years after initial assembly during a party. Following a whirlwind romance, Paradis became profound with Lily-Rose. Of a romance, Paradis once told Harper’s Bazaar, “When we accommodate a adore of your life, it’s only apparent and healthy and easier. You keep training all a time.”

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Another source tells PEOPLE that Paradis and Depp lived a “very low-key” life, and were focused on family rather than fame. “He and Vanessa never had any aroused conflicts,” a source says, observant that they dealt with all issues calmly.

Heard filed for divorce final week. She was postulated a proxy confining sequence opposite Depp during a Los Angeles building on Friday, and submitted photos of bruises on her face that she pronounced resulted from a actor attack her during an incident on May 21. (The LAPD previously told PEOPLE that they investigated a occurrence after receiving a 911 call though they didn’t see “any justification of a crime” and Heard declined to record a news opposite Depp. The actor had left a unit by a time a cops had arrived.)

In response to Heard’s ask for a proxy confining sequence on Friday, Depp’s counsel said that Heard is “attempting to secure a beforehand financial fortitude by alleging abuse.”

An insider formerly told PEOPLE of Heard’s filing, “Amber did what she had to do to take caring of herself.”

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