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Video: Jennifer MacQueen Simmons travels opposite Nova Scotia for her bushy clients | Truro News


Jennifer MacQueen Simmons has turn flattering good during reading her clients. It’s critical that she can.

“I can customarily tell flattering fast either a cat’s going to cooperate,” she says. “There’s a tiny commission who need to have remedy from a oldster to take a corner off first. Being means to tell that ones those are is a reason we haven’t been bitten.”

MacQueen Simmons operates Jennifur’s Mobile Cat Grooming Service, and travels opposite Nova Scotia.

For about 20 years, she especially neat dogs, though after dual vital surgeries her alloy told her to refrain from complicated lifting.

A crony suggested a mobile cat-grooming business.

A CEED (Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development) module helped her devise a plan and she non-stop her business a year ago. She’s formed in Upper Sackville and has some-more than 1,500 clients opposite a province.

“I adore what we do,” she says. “Badly-matted cats are mostly fractious since they’re in pain, and we see such a large disproportion when they’re done. we adore going to homes and assembly new people, too.

“You have to be ease around a cats. A lot are nervous, and we can’t censure them.”

Most of a cats she grooms are long-haired. Between 150 and 200 are Himalayans, and she finds them a many expected to be difficult.

Theresa Stephens, of Millbrook, has dual Himalayans that she has difficulty gripping mat-free.

“I looked around city to find a place to have them groomed, afterwards a breeder told me about Jennifer,” she said. “It’s so good to have her come right to a house. The cats would be some-more dissapoint if they had to go somewhere else.”

MacQueen Simmons offers upkeep packages, providing unchanging bathing to forestall matting. She also relates vinyl spike caps and sells toys and other equipment for cats.

For some-more information, revisit Jennifur’s Mobile Cat Grooming on Facebook or call 902-222-9456.


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