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Video: UCLA Gymnast Sophina DeJesus Whips, Nae Naes And Slays

In 1996, when Dominque Dawes became a initial black lady to win an particular gymnastics award during a Atlanta Summer Olympics, critics pronounced her demeanour wasn’t utterly right.

In 2012, Gabby Douglas became a initial black lady to win a pretension of particular all-around champion during a London Summer Olympics. She was afterwards asked again and again to criticism on critiques about her hair.

In 2013, Simone Biles became a initial black lady to be universe all-around champion during a gymnastics World Championship. Following her win, Italian Gymnastics Federation central David Ciaralli said there was “a trend in gymnastics during this moment, that is going towards a technique that opens adult new chances to athletes of colour (well-known for power) while penalising a some-more artistic Eastern European character that authorised Russians and Romanians to browbeat a competition for years.” Ciarelli also pronounced black people were unsuited to be margin managers, ubiquitous managers, or swimmers.

Black womanlike athletes, generally a ones who make it to a really top, have faced a story of being criticized for their bodies, their hair and their strength. In performative sports, like gymnastics, figure skating and ballet, they’re mostly theme to some-more fugitive critiques about character and grace. The accurate definition of these comments can be tough to pin down, though they still send a transparent message: This is not a black woman’s sport. Black women don’t go here.

Which is partial of what creates a video that went viral this weekend so exciting. It shows a immature lady named Sophina DeJesus, a comparison on a gymnastics group during UCLA who identifies as African-American and Puerto Rican, incorporating dance moves into her Saturday building slight that are strongly secure in blackness.

She whips, nae naes, and hits a quan while also expertly alighting formidable acrobatics sequences. The slight warranted her a 9.925 from a judges, though a throng was screaming for a 10. On Facebook, the video has been watched over 26 million times.

DeJesus’ slight doesn’t uncover an contestant winning during a traditionally white competition notwithstanding her race. It was an contestant celebrating her competition in a context of a traditionally white sport. In underneath dual minutes, DeJesus — blue hair, hip-hop beats and all — showed that black bodies and black enlightenment go in gymnastics.

Nevertheless, that sensibility substantially won’t lift over to higher-level competitions, during slightest for now. In an interview with a New York Times, former Olympic china medalist and Bruin Samantha Peszek pronounced that “international judges seem to conclude some-more normal character of building choreography” and that a despotic Olympic mandate don’t concede most room for “elaborate choreography.”

But that doesn’t meant we won’t be means to get your repair of hip-hop-infused backflips. DeJesus’ UCLA group competes again on Feb. 13 and every weekend after that until mid-April.

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