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VMAs 2016: All a Performances Ranked From Worst to Best

When it came to performances, what a 2016 MTV Video Music Awards lacked in apportion they more than done adult for in quality. In fact, it’s tough to remember a VMAs where so many of a performances were so damn good. That’s because when ranking this year’s misfortune and best, a misfortune is unequivocally some-more like “the slightest good.”

With that in mind, this is a take on a 2016 VMAs performances, from slightest noted to many astonishing.


Future nabbed history’s many flashy Olympian for his VMAs introduction, and for good reason — his “Stick Talk” helped hype Michael Phelps to feat during a Olympics in Rio. As for Future’s performance, while it was a plain smoothness of a present classical “Fuck Up Some Commas,” his low appetite theatre participation and minimal choreography place it during a bottom of a list. We’re not observant we didn’t like it, but when any other 2016 VMAs opening was an A or A-, this B+ opening was out slightest favorite.

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The Chainsmokers Halsey

While “Closer” is a torpedo combination of dual rising talents, it didn’t sound utterly right during a VMAs. The Chainsmokers’ outspoken apportionment of a strain was a small weak, and a turn of climax could have used a small bit of a visible boost — especially deliberation a towering turn of dexterity Beyonce brought just before they took a stage.

Britney Spears G-Eazy

Yes, Britney was lip-syncing, though her VMAs opening of “Make Me” was as pleasant as a strain itself. It non-stop with Britney’s conformation performing behind a intense row while massive, shadowy arms strech for her, perplexing to squeeze her but ever utterly succeeding. After G-Eazy came out to broach his verse, she returned a preference by singing a Bebe Rexha offshoot on his strike “Me, Myself I” (while crawling underneath his legs) before returning behind to “Make Me.” A plain VMAs return for Britney, whose 2001 VMAs impulse is arguably a show’s many iconic opening of all time. 

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Ariana Grande Nicki Minaj

Two years after holding a theatre together for “Bang Bang” during a 2014 VMAs, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj were behind together for another VMAs feat this year. Turning out their reggae-tinged “Side to Side” from Grande’s Dangerous Woman album, they protracted a laid-back jam with some rarely appetite choreography. Ariana and her dancers pumped a practice bikes (OK Go would be proud) during a start of a song, after that Ari hopped off to lift some weights and strike a thrash equine in a curtsy to a new Olympics. Even with her behind stretched over a horse, she still strike any note. Minaj didn’t do any cardio or gymnastics during her apportionment of a song, but she positively brought a opinion as per usual.

Nick Jonas Ty Dolla $ign

Even vegetarians had to be digging Nick Jonas’ “Bacon” during a VMAs. The well-spoken crooner took a VMAs’ cameras outward of Madison Square Garden and by a debate of midtown NYC caf� Tick Tock. Jonas served his “Bacon” to a grill full of patrons, including Joe Jonas and DNCE. Outside a caf� on 34th 8th, Ty rapped his hymn while lowriders bounced to forever and beyond. Jonas gets reward points for the inventiveness of his performance. 

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Rihanna was given a Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award during a VMAs by Drake. But instead of delivering one extensive opening of career highlights, Rih separate her VMAs opening into 4 parts, any one focusing on a opposite sonic palettes in her discography. She was assimilated by a large unit of dancers for her dancehall-centric shred (“Work,” “Rude Boy” and “What’s My Name”), but a comprehensive stunner was a final performance, where she donned an superb aged propagandize Hollywood robe to slay “Stay,” “Diamonds” and “Love on a Brain.” Her vocals, that are infrequently under-appreciated by critics and even fans, were beautiful and impressive, reminding everybody that over a chart-toppers and DGAF behavior, there’s an startling voice that propelled her to where she is now.


Given that we didn’t even know Beyonce was behaving until this weekend, we weren’t awaiting a full 15-minute visible matter from a Lemonade mastermind. But Bey gave us scarcely half a visible album, augmenting her songs with visuals opposite from her 2016 tour. “Pray You Catch Me” was generally affecting. While singing a harrowing, deplorable song, her backup dancers forsaken to a belligerent after removing strike with red spotlights, as if being gunned down one by one. “Hold Up” — featuring a brief relapse of a 4 track “Countdown” — was another visually overwhelming moment, with Beyonce branch a ball bat on a VMAs camera itself.

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The cinematography of Beyonce’s opening was distinct anything we see during an awards show, too. Instead of pointy realism, a camera’s concentration was soft, gauzy and otherwordly, bringing to mind televised disco performances from a ’70s or even a strange Battlestar Galactica. After “Sorry” and “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” she sealed with — what else — “Formation.” While VMA medleys have run longer in a past, they never felt this entirely realized. Simply put, Beyonce brought collateral ‘A’ Art to a 2016 VMAs.

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