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Washington Post Launches Fact-Check Tool For Just One Twitter Account: Donald Trump’s

In an rare pierce for a U.S. news outlet, a Washington Post (WP) has expelled a fact-checking apparatus for a singular Twitter account: Donald Trump’s.

The U.S. President-elect especially communicates with a open by his Twitter posts, though his tweets are not always accurate, WP points out.

With this in mind, WP designed a Chrome plugin called “RealDonaldContext” to fact-check Trump’s tweets in box they’re not accurate, “by mistake or by design.”

“The Washington Post’s Fix group has motionless to assistance safeguard that a open receives a many accurate probable information by formulating this extension, that will supplement some-more context or corrections to things that Trump tweets,” WP explains in a outline of a plugin.

The plugin works by giving users some-more context so they can figure out what to trust from Trump’s tweets. The U.S. President-elect is utterly an active Twitter user with some-more than 17.4 million followers, many of whom competence be misled by fake posts.

Donald Trump Tweets Accuracy

To expostulate a indicate home, WP found a good instance of a twitter Trump posted on Friday.

WP’s Dave Weigel pointed out that a post was not wholly accurate as there was zero bootleg in a matter and Donna Brazile, who leaked a questions to a Hillary Clinton campaign, was not a conduct of a Democratic National Committee (DNC) during a time.

Many competence not now this, however, and reading Trump’s twitter with no additional context competence lead them to trust that it’s accurate.

In this case, a RealDonaldContext Chrome prolongation labels a twitter as improper or false, finish with arguments and explanations to behind adult a claim. In other cases, a plugin competence simply supplement some-more context so that users get additional information with a tweet.

The additional information will seem as a small gray fact box right underneath a twitter in question.

WP highlights that this apparatus is in a early stages and it’s a work in progress, so it’s not perfect. At a same time, it records that a Chrome plugin takes a bit to update.

“It takes a small while for a Chrome prolongation to update, so we’ll try to stay adult to speed on fact-checking what Trump is tweeting, though it competence take a few minutes,” explains WP.

No Retaliation

As a reminder, behind in Jun Trump announced that his debate group revoked WP’s press credentials, accusing a news opening of fake stating and coverage.

WP’s Philip Bump, who done a RealDonaldContext extension, says that a plugin is not a response to a credits devaluate from June. In response to Ars Technica, Bump said he only suspicion of it this morning and it’s not a form of retaliation.

Article source: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/189254/20161218/washington-post-launches-fact-check-tool-for-just-one-twitter-account-donald-trumps.htm