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Washington wants to know if Pakistan used U.S.-built jets to down Indian warplane

ISLAMABAD/SRINAGAR, India (Reuters) – The United States pronounced on Sunday it was perplexing to find out if Pakistan used U.S.-built F-16 jets to down an Indian warplane, potentially in defilement of U.S. agreements, as a event between a nuclear-armed Asian neighbors seemed to be easing.

Pakistan and India both carried out aerial bombing missions this week, including a strife on Wednesday that saw an Indian commander shot down over a doubtful segment of Kashmir in an occurrence that dumbfounded tellurian powers and sparked fears of a war.

A Pakistan infantry orator on Wednesday denied Indian claims that Pakistan used F-16 jets.

Pakistan returned a prisoner Indian commander on Friday in a high-profile handover Islamabad touted as a “peace gesture”, that seemed to significantly dial down tensions, yet both sides sojourn on high alert.

At a Line of Control (LoC), a de facto extent between a dual countries in a doubtful Kashmir region, there was family ease in a past 24 hours, both armies pronounced on Sunday. But Indian confidence army pronounced they were carrying out vital anti-militancy operations on their side on Kashmir and had shot passed dual militants.

The U.S. Embassy in Islamabad pronounced on Sunday it was looking into reports that Pakistan used F-16 jets to glow down a Indian pilot, a intensity defilement of Washington’s infantry sale agreements that extent how Pakistan can use a planes.

“We are wakeful of these reports and are seeking some-more information,” a U.S. Embassy orator said. “We take all allegations of injustice of invulnerability articles really seriously.”

While Pakistan has denied regulating F-16 jets during a dogfight that downed an Indian Mig-21 warplane over Kashmir on Wednesday, it has not specified that planes it used, yet it assembles Chinese-designed JF-17 warrior jets on a soil.

Pakistan has a prolonged story of shopping U.S. infantry hardware, generally in a years after 2001 when Islamabad was seen as a pivotal partner in a U.S.-led War on Terror.

Pakistan bought several batches of F-16 planes, built by Lockheed Martin Corp, from Washington before family soured and a United States cut off subsidized sales in 2016.

It is not transparent what accurately these supposed “end-user agreements” shorten Pakistan from doing. “The U.S. Government does not criticism on or endorse tentative investigations of this nature,” a U.S. Embassy added.

On Thursday Indian officials displayed to reporters tools of what they called an air-to-air barb that can usually be dismissed from F-16 jets, alleging they were used to explosve a side of a doubtful Kashmir extent on Wednesday.

A Pakistan infantry orator told reporters on Wednesday that Pakistani jets “locked” on Indian targets to denote Pakistan’s ability to strike behind during India, yet afterwards chose to glow in an dull margin where there would be no casualties.

Pakistan pronounced a goal on Wednesday was in plea for India violating a airspace and supervision a day earlier, when Indian jets inebriated a timberland area nearby a northern city of Balakot.

India pronounced it struck during belligerent training camps, yet Islamabad denied any such camps existed, as did some villagers in a area when Reuters visited.


Cross-border shelling in a past few days has killed 7 people on a Pakistani side and 4 on a Indian side of Kashmir. But on Sunday it was comparatively still nearby a de facto extent of Kashmir, a source of dual of a 3 wars India and Pakistan have fought given autonomy from Britain in 1947.

“By and vast a LoC was ease final night yet we never know when it will turn active again,” pronounced Chaudhry Tariq Farooq, a apportion in Pakistani Kashmir. “Tension still prevails.”

In Indian-administered Kashmir, infantry on Sunday shot passed dual militants after a three-day gun conflict that also killed 5 confidence force personnel, holding a sum genocide fee to 25 in a past dual weeks.

The uninformed anti-militancy expostulate was launched after a Kashmiri self-murder bomber, a member of a Pakistan-based belligerent group, killed 40 Indian paramilitary military on Feb. 14.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s supervision has also come down tough on separatist groups handling in Kashmir, including by banning a Jamaat-e-Islami party, dual of whose clerics were incarcerated in raids on Saturday night.

Additional stating by Abu Arqam Naqash in MUZAFFARABAD; Writing by Krishna N. Das and Drazen Jorgic; Editing by Christopher Cushing and Susan Fenton

Article source: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-india-kashmir-usa-pakistan/u-s-wants-to-know-if-pakistan-used-u-s-built-f-16-jets-to-down-indian-warplane-idUSKCN1QK0AR?il=0