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Watch Anchor’s Awkward On-Air Pregnancy Announcement

One meteorologist’s on-camera pregnancy proclamation was news indeed — to her promote TV colleagues, whose hilariously confused greeting to a warn stop of their unchanging programming has left viral on Facebook. 

So, this happened,” Bakersfield, Calif., hire KGET — TV 17 wrote in a title of a Facebook post, pity a über-awkward footage of arch meteorologist Alissa Carlson’s baby proclamation on atmosphere Wednesday. Unbeknownst to news anchors Jim Scott and Tami Mlcoch, Carlson (above right) and producers had altered a book for a live promote to embody an “additional forecast.” 

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“In a associated weather, ah, news here,” Scott stumbles quickly reading a teleprompter following Carlson’s continue update, “one internal foresee calls for some worried mornings, followed by widespread shopping, and record-setting fun and happiness. … Um.” Turning toward a mom-to-be, he afterwards asks, clearly blindsided, “I’m sorry, we got all churned adult here. You have an additional forecast?”

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(Photo: KGET — TV 17/Facebook)

“I do, I’m carrying a baby!” she declares, call a impulse of dumbfounded silence. “I had no idea,” anchor Mlcoch replies, branch to face a camera. “Wow. Congratulations.” And as Carlson shares that her baby is due in July, a shade shows a “Baby on Board” pointer followed by a print of a meteorologist’s dual “fur babies,” her dogs Sunny and Stormy, alongside a KGET – TV onesie. 

(Photo: KGET – TV 17/Facebook)

“Oh my integrity … They threw that in there, we had no thought what was coming,” Scott admitted, after adding, “No one here is some-more astounded than me. That is so awesome.” 

This wasn’t a initial time, though, that Carlson hijacked a news. Back in May 2014, Scott announced, “Alissa came to work with a large warn for all of us, and now she’s going to share it with you.” The broadcaster hold adult her ring, dogmatic that she’d gotten intent to profession Neil Schwartz, and announced, “He popped a doubt final night!”

More than 1,700 people “liked” a video of KGET’s baby news proclamation on Facebook, where Carlson herself replied in a comments territory that she’s due Jul 25. 

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