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Watching Cosby Fall

The defense, on a other hand, embellished Mr. Cosby’s accusers as money-grubbing and inspired for fame. Their cross-examinations, many days, felt like a fibre of humiliations. When Janice Dickinson took a stand, ungodly and comic, a invulnerability questioned a paternity of her children. When Janice Baker-Kinney spoke, she was prodded to remember a accurate date she came to terms with her alcoholism. Ms. Constand’s polite suit, a $3.38 million she had perceived as a allotment from Mr. Cosby in 2005, was presented as explanation of her irrefutable greed.

One day, after an generally dispiriting turn of interrogate by Kathleen Bliss, we went to lunch with Gloria Allred. The burning profession represents 33 of Mr. Cosby’s accusers. Ms. Allred is petite, with reddish-brown hair streaked blonde, and we found her distinguished in her weave fit accessorized with authorised pad and pen. “It’s how things are, how they’ve always been,” she pronounced of a character of cross-examination, what felt like a joining to a demoralization of a victims. She was not concerned. “It’s not over, not by far,” she said. “Bill Cosby is going to spend a rest of his life possibly in justice or in jail for what he’s finished to these women.”

Because Andrea Constand was never a usually one. The allegations of abuse opposite Bill Cosby spanned 5 decades, from a 1960s to a early 2000s. Mr. Cosby has been indicted of carrying passionate assaulted women via a infancy of his life. Most of Mr. Cosby’s accusers could no longer move charges since a government of stipulations had expired.

But for this retrial, additional women were authorised to attest opposite Mr. Cosby — an startling feat for a charge — in sequence to infer a story of “prior bad acts.” In serve to Ms. Constand, Janice Baker-Kinney, Janice Dickinson, Lise-Lotte Lublin, Chelan Lasha and Heidi Thomas were deputy of a scores of women who have pronounced that Mr. Cosby intimately assaulted them. Their stories were serve bolstered by a 2005 deposition, unblocked in 2015, in that Mr. Cosby had certified to giving Ms. Constand pills and to appropriation Quaaludes.

Mr. Cosby is an curiosity in a #MeToo movement, now that he is confronting sentencing for his actions. Some famous group — Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer and Bill O’Reilly among them — have mislaid their jobs. They have suffered veteran consequences — or, it seems likely, some setbacks for their actions.

Mr. Cosby’s self-assurance represents a probability that authorised ramifications could turn a genuine possibility, or even a informative normal — not only a fleeting, startling victory. There’s a dim poeticism to a fact that it was Mr. Cosby’s possess moralizing that was partially obliged for his prosecution. His proselytizing, a disregard he had destined during operative category black people, solitary mothers and their rapist sons, had done his possess dignified fiber a matter of open concern.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/27/style/cosby-trial-trust.html