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‘We Are Tired of Crying for a Dead’: A Stunned Genoa Mourns

GENOA, Italy — All day Wednesday outward a stern building that houses Genoa’s morgue, parents, children, friends and colleagues of probable victims of a collapsed overpass entered, dreading what they competence find.

William Ben Lou Lou, 42, owners of a French relocating company, arrived in a morning, a day after a city’s Morandi Bridge collapsed, withdrawal during slightest 39 people dead. His daughter, scrutinizing images on amicable media, speckled a disadvantage of one of his trucks in a rubble. Two of his workers, both Romanians, had been in a truck, relocating seat from France to Italy, though he did not know if they had survived.

“I attempted to call them,” he said, “but we couldn’t strech them.”

An hour later, Mr. Lou Lou had a prejudiced answer. He identified a physique of one worker, a male with a mother and 3 children. Then he went with a military to a hospital, in hopes that a other male was alive. “They contend my other workman might be in complete care,” he said.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/15/world/europe/genoa-bridge-scene.html