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Week In Politics: Comey’s Memos and Additions To Trump’s Legal Team


The emanate of James Comey’s memos is where we’re going to start a Friday domestic chat. Kristen Soltis Anderson of a Washington Examiner and author of “The Selfie Vote” is here in a studio. Hi, Kristen.


SHAPIRO: And Jason Johnson, politics editor during The Root, joins us from Atlanta. Hi, Jason.

JASON JOHNSON: Hi – blissful to be here.

SHAPIRO: Well, we don’t know if a dual of you, like me, spent final night leafing by those 15 pages. But we consternation what we found in those memos that Comey wrote when he was FBI executive before he was dismissed that unequivocally struck you, Kristen.

ANDERSON: What struck me was how most this matched adult with what we have already listened Jim Comey contend about his interactions with a president. There in some ways was unequivocally small in these memos that struck me as startling since it was so most of what we’ve already listened before.


JOHNSON: Well, a integrate of things. Number one, we know, look; he’s a FBI director. He knows what to say. He’s going to be consistent. I’m not astounded that he was consistent. What has been fascinating to me is to see how this man – he had to have famous in his tummy that even nonetheless it is a 10-year position, that his position was during risk. The fact that he was holding these records contemporaneously (laughter) suggests to me someone who had a feeling. we don’t trust my boss, and we wish to make certain this is on record.

SHAPIRO: So if a dual of we both feel like these records were kind of a zero burger news-wise, I’m extraordinary about since Republicans in Congress were so fervent to recover them. This is what Congressman Adam Schiff, Democrat, ranking member on a House Intelligence Committee, pronounced on NPR’s Morning Edition today.


ADAM SCHIFF: we consider that my colleagues in a GOP who were pulling so tough to get these expelled or to trickle them were anticipating that they could find some inconsistencies they could use to conflict James Comey. And we consider they came adult dull since his testimony and statements have been unequivocally consistent.

SHAPIRO: we mean, Kristen, do we consider he’s right? Why do we consider a GOP wanted to do this?

ANDERSON: we consider that what they were looking to uncover was is there anything in these memos that suggests that Comey behaved in a approach that was inappropriate? Are there – is there information in his memos that he afterwards had supposing to outward sources that should not have been released? And that’s now something that you’re conference Republicans try to prosecute – is this thought of, in Jim Comey’s delivery of his interactions with a trainer to others, did he give adult personal information of any kind? That’s arrange of a new instruction you’re saying Republicans go.

SHAPIRO: President Trump tweeted, James Comey memos usually out and uncover clearly there was no collusion and no obstruction. Also he leaked personal information – wow. Will a magician hunt continue?

So, Jason, clearly during slightest a trainer is attack on this leaking personal information articulate point. Do we consider it will work?

JOHNSON: Well, no. we mean, nonetheless it depends on what we meant by work. Is it going to have any electoral consequences – no. It’s already arrange of painted in a wool. Most of a American electorate possibly trust what they trust from a president, or they trust what they trust from Comey and this investigation. Is it indispensably going to pierce members of Congress – not necessarily. They’re all kind of set in.

At this point, it’s usually screaming about opposite kind of narratives. Every singular check has demonstrated that a American open believes what Comey and what Mueller are doing some-more than they trust what comes out of a president. So no matter how many times he says, aha, it’s a scandal, and it’s this, and it’s fake; oh, nonetheless by a way, even nonetheless we consider this is fake, I’m not underneath investigation, and there’s no collusion, (laughter) it’s not changing anyone’s faith system. we consider both sides are flattering most set in.

SHAPIRO: Well, let’s speak about that Mueller investigation. President Trump hired 3 new lawyers this week. One of them is former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who has had an engaging attribute with Trump. He was an confidant during a campaign. He was mentioned as a probable profession ubiquitous or secretary of state during a transition. He did not finish adult in a administration. Jason, since do we consider he’s jumping into a frying vessel now?

JOHNSON: Oh, he’s unfortunate for attention. we mean, look. Rudy Giuliani…

SHAPIRO: we mean, wow, that’s utterly a…


SHAPIRO: That’s utterly a reason.

JOHNSON: Well, since that’s a usually organic reason he could be concerned – since he wants to be in a spotlight in some shape, approach or form. If there’s one thing that can be pronounced about a Trump administration, they seem to be flattering transparent about some people not being in this administration. They didn’t find a place for Chris Christie. They didn’t find a place for Rudy Giuliani. There were reasons for that – substantially since they usually wanted one flighty chairman to be there, and that was in a White House.

Giuliani feels this is an event for him to flex his muscles, get behind into a open eye. And he thinks he can have some singular bond with a FBI agents that are questioning Cohen in New York. But we don’t consider that’s going to work. we mean, there were a lot of people – remember; that was a group – that was a division, a FBI, that was deliberate Trumpland (ph), and there were lots of opposite avenues they had to go by before Cohen was investigated. we don’t consider that Giuliani can unequivocally do most to change what’s function right now.

SHAPIRO: Boy, Kristen, it’s utterly a thing to say, we don’t trust this man Giuliani adequate to put him in my Cabinet, nonetheless we do trust him adequate to be my counsel in this very-high-stakes investigation.

ANDERSON: Well, that’s what’s so confusing about this. It’s no tip and no warn that Donald Trump likes anticipating things for his friends and for people that he sees on radio fortifying him to do in his administration. A series of his appointments have possibly been TV personalities or personal friends. Rudy Giuliani fits both of those categories, and nonetheless for a purpose of being your personal counsel in a very-high-stakes rapist review – that’s not a same as anticipating someone an ambassadorship somewhere.


ANDERSON: Not that that should be given out to TV personalities and friends either, nonetheless definitely that’s a lower-stakes proposition. But if you’re Rudy Giuliani, a reason since we contend approbation we consider is if we indeed can do anything to get a Mueller review to go divided or if we join a group and it happens to solve itself somehow agreeably for a president, that’s a outrageous win to be means to claim. It would definitely rouse your batch within Trumpland.

SHAPIRO: we mean, Giuliani told The Washington Post, I’m doing this since we wish we can negotiate an finish to this, definition a Mueller investigation. Do possibly of we consider that’s realistic?

ANDERSON: Absolutely not.





SHAPIRO: So we both determine on that.


SHAPIRO: All right.

JOHNSON: There’s no – yeah. And we consider this is also critical to say. Remember that progressing this week, James Comey in an speak said, look; even if we glow Mueller during this point, you’re not going to finish these investigations. There are too many opposite tentacles to this right now for this to finish even if he got Mueller to container adult and leave tomorrow.

SHAPIRO: You know, mentioning banishment Mueller leads us to this discuss in Congress over a supposed strengthen Mueller bill, that a tip senator, Mitch McConnell, pronounced he’s not going to concede to come to a vote. And nonetheless cabinet Republicans are still going brazen with it. Kristen, what do we consider is going on here?

ANDERSON: we consider if you’re Mitch McConnell, we don’t wish to be in a position where you’re doing something that angers a trainer since eventually that’s always been kind of a moving attribute and usually wanting to safety it as most as probable to keep those lines of communication open. If you’re seen as advancing this bill, does a trainer appreciate that as a personal slight opposite you?

However, for many of these particular Republicans, they trust that it’s critical to pull this line in a silt now before something happens where there is a vast domestic and authorised flame that is caused by a trainer holding movement opposite Mueller.

SHAPIRO: In usually a final minute, we wish to note a flitting of Barbara Bush, one of dual people in U.S. story to be both mom and mom to a U.S. president. Jason, how do we consider she’ll be remembered?

JOHNSON: we consider she’ll be remembered depending on what side of a domestic aisle or maybe either or not we were a plant or not of Hurricane Katrina. Look; we consider this is unequivocally critical to say, and I’ve pronounced this before. Barbara Bush was a smashing chairman to lots of people. She was an idol to many Republicans and conservatives. She did work on AIDS. She did work on literacy.

She also pronounced lots of statements that were racially unresponsive in anxiety to Hurricane Katrina. She also was seen during a time to maybe be exploiting children of tone who had HIV in sequence to make herself demeanour better. There is some genuine critique out there, and we consider it’s satisfactory even when famous people pass that we concede everybody to be honest about what their recollections of them are.

SHAPIRO: we wish to give…

JOHNSON: We don’t have to praise them or demonize them.

SHAPIRO: we wish to give Kristen a discerning final word here.

ANDERSON: we trust she’ll be remembered definitely by folks regardless of their domestic views. You know, she was somebody who had an authentic style, who definitely did not speak like a politician. we consider that she’ll be remembered utterly fondly not usually by Republicans.

SHAPIRO: Kristen Soltis Anderson and Jason Johnson, appreciate we so much.

JOHNSON: Thank you.

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