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Weird Samsung Galaxy bug? Phones are sensitively texting photos to pointless contacts

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Some Galaxy owners are a tad freaked out after finding a Samsung Messages app sent dozens of photos from their phone to certain contacts all by itself and though seeking permission.

The uncanny bug was reported by influenced Galaxy owners last week on Reddit and Samsung’s user forum. Since Samsung Messages is a default messaging app on all Galaxy phones, it also affects some owners of a Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9.

One Galaxy S9 Plus owners said on Reddit that final week during about 2.30am a Samsung app sent his whole print gallery to his partner over content message, nonetheless there was no record of a messages in a sent folder.

However, a unapproved messages did uncover adult in logs confirmed by his US carrier, T-Mobile.

Exactly since it’s function isn’t certain yet, though there is a speculation that it has something to do with a news from a T-Mobile subscriber with a Galaxy S9 on Samsung’s user forum who complained that Samsung Messages has turn really cart after T-Mobile’s new upgrade of Rich Communications Services (RCS), a chat-enabled deputy to SMS that Google and some carriers are pushing.

T-Mobile rolled out a RCS Universal Profile refurbish last week though that was for a Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

However, a news on Samsung’s forum usually endangered scheduled messages being sent during a improper time to a wrong summary threads.

Whatever a cause, a forwarded photos have a intensity to turn a disaster, depending on what a pics are of and who receives them.

Affected users have reported usually apropos wakeful of a sent photos after a target responded to a messages. The glitch appears to occur after updating a Samsung app.

Equally as strange, another user whose Galaxy sent cinema to his partner around Samsung Messages claims never to use that app with his girlfriend.

Until a repair arrives, Galaxy owners might wish to invalidate Samsung Messages entrance to a device’s storage, though this also disables entrance to prior summary threads, according to some. Users will afterwards need to switch to an choice app for texting, such as Android Messages.

Samsung told ZDNet that it is wakeful of a reports of a bug and has been reviewing a emanate entirely over a past few days.

“However, there were no hardware or program issues found to be applicable to this sold case. While there have been no famous identical patron reports globally, we will continue to examine this emanate further,” Samsung said.

“We inspire any business who might have questions or concerns to hit their internal patron use center.”

T-Mobile pronounced it is not a issue.

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