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Welcome to a Big (Ten) Show

Nov 15, 2016

Alabama is a undisputed tip dog, though a Big Ten is a Big Show in a third College Football Playoff rankings, that followed a overwhelming weekend of losing among rarely ranked teams.

Ohio State climbed from No. 5 to No. 2, while Michigan stayed put during No. 3 after losing to unranked Iowa. Of course, those dual play on Nov. 26, with a stakes being both outrageous and curious.

Along with No. 7 Wisconsin and No. 8 Penn State, a Big Ten leads all conferences with 4 teams in a tip eight. It also leads all conferences with intrigue.

If a College Football Playoff were currently …

After a crazy Saturday of upsets, No. 2 Ohio State is a usually new entrant to a tip 4 of a rankings, fasten No. 1 Alabama, No. 3 Michigan and No. 4 Clemson.

  • The Big 12’s spectacle regulation to pile-up a CFP

    Sure, it’s a prolonged shot. But a Big 12 is another furious week (or two) from unctuous Oklahoma, Oklahoma State or West Virginia into a CFP. Here’s a odds of that happening.

  • Bowl projections streamer into Week 12

    Alabama has been a consistent projection in a inhabitant championship. It’s a contending mark that has been a revolving door. This week, a experts determine on Ohio State.

  • If Ohio State beats Michigan State and Michigan, and Penn State also wins out, a Nittany Lions constraint a Big Ten East climax by trait of handing a Buckeyes their usually detriment and they would play for a Big Ten title, many expected opposite Wisconsin. That possibly sets a theatre for dual Big Ten teams in a playoff, or a cabinet withdrawal out Ohio State since it didn’t win a discussion title. Or a cabinet could dump Penn State, that mislaid by 39 during Michigan, or Wisconsin, and go with a Buckeyes.

    Yeah, it’s complicated. But what could anyone design after 3 of a tip 4 and 6 of a tip 14 teams mislaid in a singular weekend?

    There’s apparently a lot of vicious games ahead, and a usually clearly protected group is No. 1 Alabama, a usually remaining dominant Power 5 squad, that has roughly positively warranted a mulligan after winning a tough schedule.

    Two weekends sojourn in a unchanging season, including many adversary showdowns, and afterwards discussion championship games. No. 9 Oklahoma plays dual ranked teams to interpretation a season, No. 14 West Virginia and No. 11 Oklahoma State, while No. 6 Washington can retreat a downward march opposite Arizona State, No. 22 Washington State and opposite a rarely ranked group in a Pac-12 pretension diversion (No. 13 USC, No. 10 Colorado or No. 12 Utah)

    More good news for Washington, that owns a weakest report among a contenders: Stanford re-entered a rankings during No. 24, definition a Huskies now have dual wins over ranked teams.

    Ohio State is behind during No. 2 due to a clever altogether résumé, with 3 top-20 wins (Wisconsin, Oklahoma and No. 18 Nebraska). The Buckeyes could supplement Michigan to that list, though they also could finish adult sitting out a Big Ten pretension game.

    While No. 4 Clemson is no longer unbeaten, it also has peculiarity wins over No. 15 Auburn, No. 5 Louisville and No. 17 Florida State.

    Louisville owns a five-game winning strain and a sole detriment was a nail-biter during Clemson. On a other hand, a usually peculiarity win came opposite three-loss Florida State. The Cardinals play unranked Houston on Thursday and interpretation their unchanging deteriorate opposite Kentucky.

    Wisconsin’s usually waste came in uninterrupted games with Michigan and Ohio State, while it owns peculiarity wins over No. 16 LSU and Nebraska. The Badgers are during Purdue this weekend and interpretation their deteriorate during home opposite Minnesota.

    In other words, there are a lot of benefaction and destiny information points that a cabinet will be deliberation over a final 3 weekends. In fact, innumerable clearly off-the-radar games could play roles in how things play out, such as Florida State-Florida and Nebraska-Iowa.

    Or what about some-more upsets? Is South Carolina a potentially wily matchup for Clemson? Or competence Michigan State locate a Buckeyes looking ahead?

    There’s a lot of football left, and final weekend taught us that desiring that clarity competence be on palm was a ridiculous conclusion.

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