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What Giants catcher did that done Yasiel Puig snap

LOS ANGELES — Yasiel Puig had another rumble with a Giants on Tuesday night.

The Dodgers outfielder swung during Giants catcher Nick Hundley during a benches-clearing fight in a seventh inning of San Francisco’s 2-1 win on Tuesday night.

The dispute started when Hundley pronounced something to Puig after a fickle slugger had fouled off a representation and threw his bat in a atmosphere in frustration. The players argued face to face for a impulse before Puig shoved Hundley twice, heading to a full-on scuffle between a teams.

Before they could be separated, Puig strike Hundley with an open palm opposite a front of his catcher’s mask.

“When we missed a pitch, we knew that was a best representation Watson was going to chuck me, so we was a small upset,” Puig pronounced around a translator. “[Hundley] told me to stop angry and get behind into a box. When we got in his face, he also told me to get out of his face, so that’s when we got upset.

“I didn’t like that he was revelation me what to do and afterwards he pronounced some difference to me in English that we unequivocally can’t repeat, so that is because we was upset.”

Said Hundley: “We’re competing on a margin opposite a group we’re chasing. They’ve been scuffling a small bit and we’re perplexing to locate them. Obviously a good rivalry. We had some difference and pushed a integrate times. There’s unequivocally not some-more to it than that.”

Dodgers manager George Lombard was perplexing to pull Hundley divided when Puig took his swing. Lombard and Hundley quickly finished adult on a grass. Hundley spoke to Lombard later.

“He was in there perplexing to mangle it up,” Hundley said. “I consider he got held adult in my chest protector. We went down and we knew we was on tip of him during some point. we only asked him if he was all right. You don’t wish anyone harm in those situations.”

After a players were distant for good, a umpires ejected both Puig and Hundley.

It was a fourth career ejection for Puig, who had also gotten into a push with Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner in 2014.

“It doesn’t occur with other teams,” Puig said.


The Giants perceived 6 scoreless innings from left-hander Andrew Suarez, and after Hanson singled in his initial run in a second, were heading 1-0 with dual outs in a eighth when a Dodgers tied it on Justin Turner’s third double and Manny Machado’s singular off Sam Dyson (3-2).

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