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What to Expect during WWDC 2018: iOS 12, macOS 10.14, tvOS 12 and watchOS 5 But No Hardware

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference starts off on Monday morning with a keynote eventuality that’s set to take place during 10:00 a.m. This year’s eventuality will be something of a surprise, given we haven’t listened many sum on what’s coming.

Apple uses WWDC to preview new versions of iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS, and this year will be no exception. Oftentimes, new hardware, such as rested Macs, debuts during a event, nonetheless this year, rumors advise we’re usually going to be saying program from Apple.

In a post and video below, we’ve summarized all that we pattern Apple to deliver during WWDC formed on a rumors that have circulated in a months heading adult to a event.

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iOS 12

With iOS 12, Apple is going to concentration on introducing bug fixes and improvements to existent facilities in an try to equivocate some of a issues that popped adult with iOS 11 over a march of a year.

Apple was primarily planning to introduce a operation of new facilities that enclosed a modernise of a Home shade with a redesigned app grid, a revamped CarPlay interface, improvements to core apps like Mail, and new facilities for a Camera and Photos apps, nonetheless these facilities have been behind until 2019, according to Bloomberg, to concentration on under-the-hood improvements.

That doesn’t meant there will be no new facilities in iOS 12, though, and we are accessible to see some poignant additions to a iOS handling system.

Bloomberg has pronounced Apple skeleton to deliver some kind of cross-platform functionality with macOS that’s designed to concede developers to emanate a singular app that will work on iPhones, iPads, and Macs, that would successfully boost a series of Mac apps accessible for download. Right now, Apple uses wholly apart stores for Mac and iOS apps.

There is some doubt about this feature, however, as Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber says it’s designed for 2019, not 2018.

Apple is formulation to supplement new Animoji on a iPhone X, and landscape support for Face ID competence be entrance as a underline that’s designed for a arriving iPad Pro models that are approaching to adopt Face ID. Landscape support will also presumably be accessible for a iPhone X.

In further to new Animoji, we competence see Animoji formation into FaceTime, permitting people to use a charcterised emoji characters when creation a video call. Apple is pronounced to be operative on multi-person FaceTime calls, nonetheless it’s not nonetheless transparent if this functionality will be prepared for a 2018 debut.

Another vital new underline designed for iOS 12, that will be a concentration of a update, includes a apartment of new digital health collection that are designed to let users improved guard how many time they spend on their iPhones and iPads and how many time is spent within apps. These collection will also be accessible for relatives to guard their children’s device usage. The aim with Apple’s new digital collection is to assuage concerns about smartphone addiction.

Enhanced Do Not Disturb controls will go palm in palm with a digital health tools, giving users some-more options for automatically rejecting calls and silencing notifications.

Apple is formulation to announce ARKit 2.0, a new chronicle of a protracted existence collection that concede developers to build AR practice into their apps. ARKit 2.0 will concentration on multiplayer gameplay, vouchsafing dual players see a same practical objects, and it will concede for persistence, that means practical objects placed in an protracted existence app will sojourn in place between sessions. So, for example, we could put a practical portrayal on a wall with an app and when we open it adult again, a portrayal will still be there.

With iOS 12, Apple is approaching to enhance a NFC capabilities of a iPhone over elementary mobile payments, permitting users to firmly transparent doors with NFC technology.

Several other smaller facilities are designed for iOS 12 according to rumors, such as a redesigned Stocks app, deeper Siri formation in Photos for hunt purposes, a revamped interface for importing photos into an iPad, and a revamped iBooks app, that could be renamed to only “Books” and offer a “Today” territory many like a iOS App Store.

Make certain to review a full iOS 12 roundup for some-more sum on what to pattern in iOS 12 and beyond, as it also covers a facilities that have been behind until iOS 13.

macOS 10.14

As mentioned above, macOS 10.14 competence be gaining support for cross-platform apps, permitting apps designed for iOS to also run on a Mac. As partial of this initiative, some iOS-only apps like Health, Home, and others competence also be accessible on a Mac going forward.

Aside from a spirit of cross-platform functionality, we haven’t listened many sum on what we can pattern to see in macOS 10.14. Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber believes Apple is formulation a Mac App Store redesign that would move it inline with a new App Store for iOS that Apple introduced with iOS 11. A new App Store redesign would make clarity given rumors of cross-platform apps.

We’re accessible Apple to supplement support for a new Apple Filesystem for Fusion Drives in macOS 10.14 formed on some new comments from Apple engineering arch Craig Federighi, nonetheless over that, new facilities entrance in macOS 10.14 will be a surprise.

Read a macOS 10.14 roundup for additional sum on what to pattern in a next-generation chronicle of macOS, including what it competence be named.

tvOS 12, watchOS 5 and New HomePod Software

Along with iOS 12 and macOS 10.14, we’re going to see updates to tvOS 12 and watchOS 5, nonetheless we haven’t listened sum on what new facilities competence be entrance in these program updates.

tvOS and watchOS (especially tvOS) are historically smaller updates than macOS 10.14 and iOS 12 and don’t accept as many attention, withdrawal a facilities mostly a surprise. We do know that we’re removing a rainbow-themed honour watch face, nonetheless a watch face will be accessible to everybody following WWDC rather than bundled into watchOS 5.

This is a initial WWDC where we’ve had a HomePod, nonetheless it too has a possess handling complement and competence get revisions on a same refurbish news as Apple’s other program updates. Check out a HomePod roundup for some-more sum on a final HomePod program refurbish (11.4).


There are some years where Apple uses a Worldwide Developers Conference to launch new hardware products. As an example, in 2017, Apple denounced new iPad Pro models and debuted rested MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and iMacs.

We’ve listened some researcher predictions and sketchier rumors indicating towards probable product launches during WWDC, nonetheless a new news from Bloomberg suggests Apple will not be introducing any hardware during a eventuality during all, instead focusing on software.

Should this information be wrong, we’ve summarized a other rumors we’ve listened about intensity product launches that could be entrance during WWDC.

New Notebooks and iMacs

The MacBook, MacBook Pro, and iMac lineups are all due for a refresh, and were updated during a Worldwide Developers Conference final year.

Bloomberg says Apple is operative on refreshes for a 12-inch MacBook and a MacBook Pro with next-generation Intel chips, nonetheless those updates will not be prepared until after in this year.

The same goes for a rumored low-cost cover that will offer as a inheritor to a MacBook Air – it won’t be prepared for a summer launch.

Current iMacs, MacBooks, and MacBook Pro models will be going some-more than a year though an refurbish if there’s no Jun refresh, and it’s not transparent when these machines will see an refurbish if not in June. Sep alongside iPhones is a possibility, as is a launch progressing or after in a year around press recover or a apart event.

For a full outline of all Mac-related rumors, check out a MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac roundups.

iPad Pros

Apple is operative on a revamped iPad Pro that adopts a TrueDepth camera complement for Face ID along with smaller bezels and no Home button, branch a iPad into something of a hulk iPhone X.

We’re still accessible dual sizes, somewhere around 10.5 and 12.9-inches, nonetheless a new iPad Pro models will be means to adopt incomparable displays while progressing a same physique distance interjection to a aforementioned slimmer bezels.

2018 iPad Pro mockup around Benjamin Geskin
A TrueDepth camera complement for a iPad Pro will concede a device to adopt Animoji, and a new underline rumored for iOS 12 will concede Face ID to work in landscape mode, something not now probable on a iPhone X.

While a iPhone X uses an OLED display, Apple’s TrueDepth-equipped iPad Pro is approaching to continue to use an LCD arrangement due to a problem and responsibility concerned to obtain incomparable OLED panels. Inside, a new iPad Pro is approaching to adopt a faster, some-more fit A11X chip and an Apple-designed GPU.

Bloomberg has pronounced a new iPad Pro will launch “a tiny some-more than a year” after a final iPad Pro update, that indicates a Sep launch, and former KGI Securities researcher Ming-Chi Kuo has also pronounced a recover won’t occur until someday in a third entertain of 2018.

It doesn’t sound like we’re going to see a new iPad Pro models during WWDC, nonetheless some analysts have expected a Jun launch. Take a demeanour during a iPad Pro roundup for full sum on what to pattern from a next-generation tablet.

iPhone SE 2?

Rumors about an iPhone SE 2 have been all over a place, creation it formidable to spike down what Apple has designed for a second-generation 4-inch iPhone SE.

We’ve listened rumors suggesting all from tiny pattern changes to a vital renovate that includes Face ID camera complement and an iPhone X-style design, something that seems doubtful for a device that Apple has positioned as a many affordable.

A box maker’s digest of what a iPhone SE 2 will demeanour like, that could be inaccurate
Recent rumors seem apart between an iPhone SE pattern that includes a potion subsidy for wireless charging and a aforementioned iPhone X-like design, nonetheless formed on what we’ve heard, it sounds like during slightest some of these rumors competence be treacherous a second-generation iPhone SE with a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone Apple is pronounced to have in a works for a tumble 2018 iPhone lineup.

A lot of a iPhone SE 2 rumors have come from reduction than arguable supply sequence sources in Asia with tiny information supposing by infallible sources that have a proven lane record and are famous to yield accurate details.

Given these churned rumors, we don’t have a transparent design of what an iPhone SE 2 is going to demeanour like, and given all is so adult in a air, it’s also formidable to spike down a launch date.

We’ve listened several rumors suggesting a launch could occur during a initial half of a year, in a summer, and during WWDC, that suggests a Jun launch, nonetheless again, these rumors need to be noticed with some doubt generally amid arguable information suggesting no hardware during WWDC.

Make certain to review a full iPhone SE 2 roundup to get an thought of how churned a rumors have been.

Beats Accessory With Siri Integration?

Apple researcher Gene Munster believes Apple competence be formulation to deliver a Beats-branded product that includes Siri formation as a low-cost HomePod alternative. The device would not be branded as a HomePod, nonetheless would duty in a identical manner.

Munster does not mention a product, nonetheless this would presumably be a orator like a Beats Pill+, that would be means to do all of a same things a HomePod can do during a reduce cost. Munster believes such a product could be labelled around $250, $100 reduction than a HomePod.

We’ve also listened a gossip from a Chinese supply sequence that suggests a rumored lower-cost HomePod will be underneath a Beats by Dre brand. It’s not transparent if these are dual apart rumors or if Munster’s prophecy is formed on this information. We’ve listened no other rumors suggesting Siri formation in Beats products, nonetheless it’s a possibility.

AirPower and New Wireless AirPods Charging Case

Apple announced a AirPower in Sep and pronounced it would be entrance during some indicate in 2018, and given that announcement, people have been energetically accessible a accessory, that is designed to assign a Apple Watch Series 3, AirPods, and iPhone X, 8, or 8 Plus all during a same time.

Rumors suggested a AirPower would launch in March, nonetheless that didn’t happen, and we now have tiny thought of when Apple will make it accessible for purchase.

It’s probable it will launch following a Worldwide Developers Conference with Apple holding a eventuality to betray it after a vital event, nonetheless we have no plain justification suggesting that’s a case.

The AirPower will be accompanied by a new Wireless AirPods Charging Case, that is required to concede a AirPods to assign around a AirPower. Apple will presumably refurbish a AirPods in a store to boat with a new case, while business who already have AirPods will be means to squeeze it separately. More fact on a AirPower and AirPods Charging Case can be found in a AirPods roundup.

New Apple Watch Bands and iPhone/iPad Cases

Apple updates a preference of accessible Apple Watch bands on a anniversary basis. We final saw new bands in a spring, and with supply of those bands commencement to dwindle, it’s time for a refresh.

We’re expected to see new summer colors for Apple’s rope lineup, and Apple competence also modernise a accessible iPhone and iPad cases, generally if a association opts to betray new iPad Pro models during WWDC. These cases and bands competence not be announced during a keynote event, nonetheless could be sensitively combined to a store afterwards.

MacRumors WWDC Coverage

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Following a keynote, we will also have ongoing coverage of all of a announcements and all that’s detected over a march of a week.

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