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When sports stars make a run during politics

20 May 2000: George Weah of Chelsea rises a FA Cup after a final opposite Aston Villa during Wembley Stadium in London.Image copyright
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George Weah was a tip footballer, before branch his palm to politics

One of Africa’s all-time biggest footballers is set to bind a new pretension – boss of a west African republic of Liberia, his local country.

George Weah rose from common beginnings in a dive to play for some of Europe’s best teams, garnering an array of footballing accolades along a way.

He afterwards incited his sights on politics and, after a series of catastrophic attempts, won inaugurated bureau as senator in 2014. He is now gearing adult to take over a tip job.

Profile: Who is George Weah?

Not many former sports stars have done it as distant as Mr Weah, yet it’s not odd to see them fasten a domestic ravel – mostly assisted by an determined open participation and, perhaps, by a aspiration and expostulate that helped them attain in a sporting arena.

Here is a handful of examples from around a world.

One of a initial to open to mind might be Imran Khan, who enjoyed an shining career personification for Pakistan’s inhabitant cricket group between 1976 and 1992, and heading it to a usually World Cup feat in 1992.

He afterwards took to hospitality and politics, rising his possess domestic celebration in 1996. He initial won a chair in a National Assembly in 2002 and his celebration was determined as a critical domestic force in 2013 elections.

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Imran Khan founded a heading antithesis force in Pakistan after environment down his cricket bat

Wrestling in a new ring

Among a best-known examples in a US is Jesse “The Body” Ventura, a Navy Seal and Vietnam maestro who shot to celebrity as a wrestler and commentator in a 1970s and 1980s.

He went on to turn a city mayor in Minnesota before formulating a domestic shockwave in 1998 when he suddenly degraded both Republican and Democratic possibilities to turn state governor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger gifted his initial success as a bodybuilder in his local Austria, before he changed into roles in transformation films. He won Mr Universe during 20 and went on to win a Mr Olympia pretension 7 times, and stays a best-known name in a industry. He served as Californian administrator from 2003 to 2011.

In American football, Jack Kemp was a 1960s star quarterback who went on to offer in Congress for 18 years as a Republican and became a regressive favourite to a Reagan wing of a party.

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Jack Kemp (R) ran a critical debate for a vice-presidency with presidential claimant Bob Dole in 1996

He done catastrophic attempts to run for both a presidency and vice-presidency yet did offer as housing secretary in a cupboard of George Bush Senior.

On a Democrats’ side, a best-known instance might be Bill Bradley, star basketball actor with a New York Knicks who went on to turn senator for New Jersey for 18 years.

Off a round in Brazil

Politicians have also emerged from Brazilian football.

Romário was Fifa’s World Player of a Year in 1994 yet also warranted an picture as a bad boy. His reinvention as a politician came with a birth of his sixth child, who had Down’s Syndrome – initial as a incapacity campaigner, afterwards as inaugurated congressman.

He stays in bureau today.

Sócrates played football for Brazilian clubs and a inhabitant side for some-more than a decade from 1974, earning 60 caps for Brazil and captaining a much-admired (though eventually losing) inhabitant patrol for a 1982 Fifa World Cup.

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Socrates’ intellectualism and domestic activism warranted him a nickname “The alloy of a ball”

Unusually for a footballer, he also warranted a grade in medicine and was famous for his outspoken domestic views and intellectualism, earning him a sobriquet Doctor Sócrates.

Sócrates did not find inaugurated bureau yet his change extended distant over a football representation when he co-founded a Corinthians Democracy transformation in antithesis to a troops supervision and publicly demanded approach presidential elections.

Athletes switching marks

Athletes are sincerely well-represented in politics, including some of a few women to have done a switch.

In a UK, Sebastian (now Lord) Coe went from heading track-and-field contestant to Conservative politician and life counterpart in a House of Lords, while former Liberal Democrat personality Menzies Campbell was once famous as “the fastest white male on a planet” and hold a British 100m record.

Tanni Grey-Thompson won 16 medals as a Paralympian and her activism within competition also saw her allocated a life counterpart in 2010.

Mexican Ana Gabriela Guevara is a 400m runner-turned-senator, while Kenyan long-distance curtain Wesley Korir – leader of a 2012 Boston Marathon – is now a member of parliament.

Boxing clever

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Boxer Manny Pacquiao from a Philippines is now make-up a punch in politics

Boxing has also packaged a punch in a universe of politics.

In a Philippines, mythological warrior Manny Pacquiao initial won choosing to association in 2010 and is a senator today, while in Ukraine three-time universe heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko is mayor of Kiev.

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