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Who Is Dimitrios Pagourtzis, a Texas Shooting Suspect?

Investigators, meanwhile, are scouring his journal, a mechanism and a cellphone that Mr. Abbott pronounced showed a think had been formulation a attack, and his possess death.

On Friday, authorities dictated to doubt dual other people: One was during a stage and had “suspicious reactions,” according to a governor, and another had drawn a inspection of investigators.

Mr. Pagourtzis had no famous confrontations with law enforcement, Mr. Abbott added. “As distant as carrying a rapist history, he has none. His line-up is flattering clean.”

In many ways, Mr. Pagourtzis was a partial of a Santa Fe community.

He done a respect roll. He played defensive tackle on a propagandize football group that was a honour of a town. His family was concerned in a Greek Orthodox Church.

Valerie Martin, a clergyman during a youth high propagandize in Santa Fe, pronounced she had Mr. Pagourtzis in her pre-A.P. denunciation humanities category final year.

She saw no signs that Mr. Pagourtzis competence do such a thing, she removed in an interview. She noticed him as bright, she said, adding he had taken partial in a school’s foe for a inhabitant story contest. “He was quiet, yet he wasn’t still in a creepy way.”

Tyler Ray, 18, a football actor who pronounced he knew a Pagourtzis family well, pronounced that Mr. Pagourtzis showed adult for summer workouts and attempted tough even yet he wasn’t really athletic. His family, Mr. Ray said, came to a games to support him, yet they struggled to compensate for equipment.

The day before a shooting, Mr. Ray and Mr. Pagourtzis went on a category margin outing to Schlitterbahn, a H2O park in Galveston.

On Friday, though, a opposite immature male showed adult during propagandize in Santa Fe.

In a art room, Zachary Muehe, a sophomore, was pensive in his phone. He listened several booms and churned around to see Mr. Pagourtzis, who was wearing a cloak and a “Born to Kill” T-shirt.

Mr. Muehe pronounced Mr. Pagourtzis had begun sharpened as shortly as he entered a classroom.

“It was crazy examination him fire and afterwards pump,” Mr. Muehe said. “I remember saying a shrapnel from a tables, whatever he hit, we remember saying a shrapnel go past my face.”

Mr. Muehe immediately attempted to escape. He and his friends went to a behind doorway in a classroom, that leads to a tiny courtyard, yet a doorway was locked.

He went subsequent to a ceramics closet that connects his classroom to another art classroom, and took one some-more demeanour during a classroom behind him, and saw students fibbing on a ground.

“There was a lady on a ground,” Mr. Muehe said, “and he shot her in a conduct one or dual times.”

“I only started running, as quick as we could to a other side of a campus,” he said. “When we got to a categorical partial we started banging on a doorway and we saw one of my teachers. we say, ‘Hey, we’ve got a gun, everybody needs to get out.’”

Mr. Muehe’s mother, Christina Muehe, pronounced that by Friday dusk a whole village had been broken.

“There’s kids that are blank right now. You know they’re a ones that are substantially dead. It’s tummy wrenching,” Ms. Muehe said, adding she was deeply unapproachable her of son for warning others about a risk maturation inside a school.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/18/us/dimitrios-pagourtzis-gunman-texas-shooting.html