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Who were all those ‘Eagles fans’ during a White House today?

The Sixers’ review into a bizarre Twitter accounts connected to Bryan Colangelo has reached a billboard stage.

What’s with a NBA village and billboards anyway?

At slightest one chairman is attempting to spin a nauseous conditions into a positive. And that chairman is a PR guy. Of course.

His name is Brian Hart and he runs Flackable, a open family and digital selling group headquartered in Philadelphia. He claims to be a lifelong Sixers fan and his puncture during Colangelo is clearly a ploy to get people to speak about his PR firm. Mission accomplished, we guess.

The accessible PR organisation also wrote adult a press release to make a jobs easier:

“The digital billboard arrangement is manifest to drivers going eastward on I-76 nearby Passyunk Avenue, only dual miles from a Wells Fargo Center. The arrangement reads, ‘#WOODERGATE: That is NOT a normal collar. Move on, Sixers, find a new GM.’”

“Before rising this campaign, we posted a check on Twitter seeking fans if we should do it,” Hart pronounced around his possess press release. “The check perceived 1,087 responses, with 96 percent similar we should run a billboard in an bid to pull out Mr. Colangelo. That’s how strongly this city and fan bottom felt about promulgation a absolute summary to a organization.”

Billboards. Protests. Video games. Riots. What’s next?

Hopefully we’ll find out a fate of a review by Wednesday so all of this disaster can be put behind us.

You can see an picture of a billboards essence below.


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