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Why $800 isn’t an violent cost for an HTC Vive

Everyone panicked about a cost of a Oculus Rift, a initial high-end VR complement for PCs, when it was announced a few months ago. $600 for a VR headset? That’s crazy. Indeed, owner Palmer Luckey even apologized for implying a cost was going to be lower. Then came a HTC Vive’s cost reveal this week: $800 — or, okay, $799. (US; we don’t know general pricing yet). Suddenly everybody got even angrier.

But a cost of a Vive isn’t even that bad. The Oculus Rift costs $600. It comes with a headset, a small desktop position sensor, a remote control, and an Xbox One controller, and twin giveaway games for those who preorder: Eve Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale. But we don’t get Oculus’ imagination new Touch controllers, that entrance after this year.

The HTC Vive gives we a headset, full-room sensors, twin wireless Vive diversion controllers for dual-handed play, and twin games if we preorder (Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraption). If a Oculus Rift enclosed a Touch controllers, would a package cost proceed $800 too? Considering a cost of high-end PC controllers, it’s wholly likely.


Two wireless controllers, and room sensors, come included.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The Vive’s twin controllers, and how they work, are a lot improved than an Xbox controller

The Vive’s enclosed tech is extremely some-more modernized out of a box than a Oculus Rift. It has full-room position sensing, that means we can take a travel in a holodeck-like environment, contra a Rift’s somewhat some-more limiting room movement. It has a camera that can assistance we see around we even with a headset on. And many importantly, a enclosed controllers are fantastic.

They’re designed to let we pierce and control things in VR, and feel like a best alloy of a diversion controller and something new. Oculus has a unconventional Touch controllers on a horizon, nonetheless right now all we get is an Xbox controller. And trust me, it’s not a same.

The HTC Vive, during least, aims to be a “complete set” out of a box: room sensors, a headset, a controllers. The Oculus Rift, in a stream about-to-debut mid-2016 form, won’t have all a pieces we competence want. It means a Vive competence even be a improved deal.


The Vive’s flattering amazing, though.

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Too costly for you? Then PC VR isn’t for you

Either way, you’ll still need a PC with graphics specs that are flattering high. And we have no suspicion how many peripherals VR hardware makers will try to sell us down a road.

VR for PCs is high-end, elaborate stuff. Amazing, nonetheless elaborate. And many unequivocally a things of early adopters. Still feel like a cost is too high? Get a mobile VR headset instead. High-end PC VR gaming isn’t meant for everyone. And it’s not labelled to be, either.

But we don’t consider a cost is a emanate here. It’s what games we can play, and how easy it is to set adult and use. Oculus and Valve will be going head-to-head in a PC space, and we don’t know, yet, that will win. These are a unequivocally initial days.

We’ll be reviewing both a Vive and a Rift when they launch this spring, nonetheless until then, I’d only advise that if we suspicion a Oculus Rift was expensive, a HTC Vive isn’t unequivocally any different. You’re going to compensate a lot for bleeding-edge VR technology. Just know we get some-more in a box with a HTC Vive, even if it costs a small bit some-more up-front.

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