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Why do so many golf fans hatred Patrick Reed?

Editor’s note: After this mainstay was published, Reed won a Masters.

Patrick Reed, a personality during a median indicate of a 2018 Masters, is a many argumentative male in golf. He’s been disliked from a impulse he announced his participation scarcely 5 years ago and hasn’t finished many to change opinions given then.

He’s ardent and alienating. He can be a troll. He’s a kind of male who starts sentences with “I’m from Texas.” Britain’s Telegraph named him a most hated actor in golf. A 2015 ESPN players poll named him a second most-disliked male on debate (behind Bubba Watson) and that was before many of his shenanigans. He mostly plays use rounds by himself and has been famous to abuse on TV and snap during fans. The fact that wore red on Sundays angry fans, possibly since they suspicion it was cocky (it was) or derivative (that was a point).

How did it get this way? Why do people hatred Patrick Reed?

The “top five” comment

Reed won his initial contest usually days after his 23rd birthday and, 7 months later, had 3 titles to his name. That got him reflecting on his station in a golf world.

“I have 3 wins on a PGA Tour,” he pronounced in 2014 after winning a WGC event. “I truly trust that we am a top-five actor in a world.”

He continued. “I don’t see a lot of guys that have finished that besides Tiger Woods and a legends of a game. we trust in myself, generally with how tough I’ve worked. I’m one of a tip 5 players in a world. we feel like I’ve proven myself.”

Andrew Weber/USA TODAY Sports

Brash, yes. Overstated? Almost certainly. Reed was 23 and, yes, he was usually one of 3 players to win 3 events in that time span. But during a time he done a barbarous boast, Reed had never played in a major. This was a homogeneous of an NBA rookie dogmatic before a playoffs that he was on a same turn as LeBron, KD and Steph Curry. It was a kind of quote that followed him everywhere and was thrown behind in his face after any missed cut or weekend blow-up.

There were copiousness of those. He missed a cut in 5 of his subsequent 8 tournaments, including during a Masters and British Open, went T35 and T58 during a U.S. Open and PGA Championship, respectively, and placed inside a tip 10 usually dual some-more times that season. Reed put a aim on his behind and a rest of a golf universe was all too happy to take shots.

Since afterwards he’s had up-and-down performances, winning dual events, adhering around a tip 25 of a rankings and personification on dual Ryder Cups teams (more on that later) and a President’s Cup team. But he’s missed 5 cuts during his 16 majors and, adult until his tie for second place during final year’s PGA Championship, had never been inside a tip 10.

This is Reed’s initial time heading a vital and, no doubt, there are people anticipating he falls prosaic on his face.

Arrests, cheating, theft, dismissals and teammate hatred

It’s protected to contend many reactions to Patrick Reed inside a golf universe are colored by a stories and allegations of his college troubles, that have been reported during length by writers Shane Ryan, Stephanie Wei and Ian O’Connor. They possibly paint Reed as a loyal golfing villain, a loner expert or an uncertain child who never grew gentle in his possess skin.

Reed, heavily recruited out of his hometown of Augusta, played one year during SEC energy Georgia though was discharged from a group for reasons still unknown. In his book about a PGA Tour, Shane Ryan pronounced there was a formula of overpower per Reed’s time during UGA, describing it as a form of “golf omerta.” Ryan brought adult whispers that Reed had cheated on a march during a subordinate turn (trying to strike a better-positioned turn that wasn’t his), reported improved scores than he’d indeed shot and might have stolen from teammates ($400 and a Scotty Cameron putter, Ryan’s source said). Reed denied these claims and pronounced he was suspended for mixed ethanol arrests. According to reports, those incidents were zero some-more than a common college-kid stupidity.

But a Georgia partner manager expelled a matter observant that Ryan’s news was accurate and that UGA chose not to associate with “Patrick as a person.”

Reed afterwards eliminated to his hometown Augusta State, where his problems continued, though not adequate to keep a tiny group from overwhelming a golf universe to win dual inhabitant championships. He didn’t consort with his teammates and was so disliked that, allegedly, before Augusta State faced off in compare play opposite Georgia with a NCAA championship on a line, Reed’s teammates told star Georgia actor Harris English that while they wanted to win a title, they hoped he’d kick Reed. The pretension came down to that compare and Reed won, 2 and 1.

Wei also reported that ASU teammates twice suspected Reed of dogmatic reduce scores than he’d shot and that a group had a assembly about either to keep him on a team. Meanwhile, Reed went 6-0 in compare play en track to those dual NCAA championships.

Controversial comments

Reed is one of those players (like Tiger Woods) who make we consternation since radio networks run live audio feeds during shots. On Friday, in a second turn of a Masters, he forsaken a standard f-bomb after a bad shot. Whatever. If we don’t wish to hear it, don’t put a mic on him.

Jasen Vinlove/USA TODAY Sports

In a past, Reed’s pronounced worse, not usually throwing in a bad word though a full judgment regulating a same word 4 times in opposite ways – noun, exclamation, adjective, adverb. Less excusable was when he angrily used a happy offence to report himself, something for that he released a legitimate reparation though any of a common parsing.

He’s called fans obnoxious. (It was during Bethpage in New York. He was substantially right.) He complains that he’d get some-more honour from manners officials if he had a improved reputation. (When he was denied a giveaway dump during a Arnold Palmer Invitational final month, Reed complained that he was removing trashy treatment. “I theory my name needs to be Jordan Spieth, guys,” he said, half-serious.)

Some of these comments can be taken out of context if we don’t know where they come from. Before he played Spieth during a Match Play championships, Reed was asked about his opponent’s strengths in a format. “I don’t know, my behind still hurts from a Ryder Cup,” Reed said, entirely joking. It was a good line, though since Reed and Spieth aren’t friends, it was misconstrued by some outlets.

John David Mercer/USA TODAY Sports

The Ryder Cup

After a “top five” comment, Reed was mostly still on and off a course. Then came a 2014 Ryder Cup during Gleneagles in Scotland. Reed was one of Team USA’s usually splendid spots in a five-point loss, going 2-0-1 in a group matches and afterwards defeating Henrik Stenson 1 adult in a many rival singles match. After relating Stenson’s birdie on a 7th hole, Reed incited to a European throng and put his finger to his lips, shushing a cheers as he stomped off a immature in celebration. It was good museum in a quarrelsome foe though usually furthered a stereotypes about Reed.

At a subsequent Ryder Cup dual years later, Reed had a classical duel with Rory McIlroy. They went hole-for-hole and celebration-for-celebration, with any perplexing to one-up any other via a round. McIlroy mocked a Gleneagles shushing, a dual traded shouts after creation large putts and there was even some Dikembe-like finger-wagging. It was never quarrelsome (at one indicate that bumped fists while walking to a subsequent hole) and should have been something that endeared Reed to an general audience. If Rory could play along, since couldn’t everybody else? But again, a fun of it all was mislaid since of Reed’s reputation.

Reed won a match, scoring 3.5 points again and is 6-1-2 in his Ryder Cup career. That’s one of a best winning percentages ever for a actor with mixed appearances. It’s adequate to acquire him a nickname “Captain America,” mocking for a least-loved U.S. star in golf.

Hate him all we want; I’m all in on Patrick Reed.

He represented a U.S. in a Olympics. While Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth (and a series of tip European players) stayed divided and lamely blamed their deficiency on a hazard of a Zika virus, Reed was there articulate about how good he felt representing Team USA.

His aforementioned Ryder Cup heroics should make him a dear character. It’s a ideal tale; a rough-around-the-edges bad child who bleeds red, white and blue? Who wouldn’t conclude that story, generally when it comes with a combined emancipation arc?

No one’s prepared for it yet. If we wish to dislike Reed, go ahead. He certain won’t mind. But greatfully don’t decider a grown male for being an simpleton in college. Don’t review too many into him being a loner. Don’t reason one detonate of truly tainted denunciation opposite him.

Golf needs a heel – not usually somebody to base opposite though someone who leans into it. To get a golfer with brag is a rarity. It’s about time Butler Cabin saw some swagger.

Article source: https://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/04/patrick-reed-masters-popularity-why-do-so-many-fans-hate-him