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Why GOP Elites Prefer Trump to Cruz

As veteran Republican pundits, operatives, and lawmakers, these total caring about a health of a celebration and their place in it. They wish to win, and they wish to safety their influence. Trump appears malleable. Win or lose, they see themselves as safe. Cruz, on a other hand, is a threat. An unapologetic ideologue, Cruz isn’t meddlesome in overdo to a other side. Instead, he believes he can win by generating a call of regressive enthusiasm. If Americans tend to retaliate exposed extremism during a list box, afterwards Cruz could cost a GOP a White House in a tighten election. And worse, as Feehery suggests, he could repairs a celebration in Senate and congressional races. But over winning or losing, an forefather Cruz brings a new category of regressive activists to Washington, who competence excommunicate a benefaction establishment. In that sense, Cruz is an existential threat.

Article source: http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/politics/2016/01/gop_elites_prefer_donald_trump_to_ted_cruz.html