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Why Guy Fieri Never Travels Without His Corn Nuts

We spoke to a mayor of FlavorTown about how he loves to transport (via RV, natch), what he packs in his carry-on, and how he kills a hangover.

Guy Fieri gets around. The sunglass-adorned face of a Food Network has been traversing a United States nonstop for some-more than a decade, sussing a good nation’s many bomb-dot-com juicy food. His unconstrained adventures to Flavortown make him one of a many well-traveled people we know, so we talked to a male who invented Trashcan Nachos about his life on a highway from his affinity for boutique hotels to his 600-horsepower beast RV.

GQ: we container food with we when we travel?
Fieri: Yeah, we don’t like eating on a craft so we try to container a accumulation of things: beef jerky, almonds, Corn Nuts, those are customarily some of my staples. It only depends—if we have time to make a sandwich, I’ll find a sushi corner for a seaweed salad. Something light. Whenever I’m drifting we eat light. we stay prepared since by a time I’m alighting I’m off and running.

Why don’t we like to eat aeroplane food?
Is that unequivocally a loyal question? [laughs] we have to be clever since we’ve come a prolonged approach yet it’s only not—I can’t contend that we never have. We get so few opportunities to eat in this lifetime. All of them should be treated with as most care as possible. If we go and rubbish it on something that’s baked and exhilarated and hold 5 hours before I’m removing it, it’s not indispensably my thought of what we wish to do. Whenever we have a choice, we stop and get my food, destine what I’m going to do. I’d rather eat unequivocally good food lukewarm than common food piping hot.

Outside of a Corn Nuts, do we have other transport essentials?
I have unequivocally good headphones. we transport with my mechanism and my iPad. we always have Emergen-C. What else do we have? Unfortunately we have succumbed to a reading glasses. [laughs] That’s unequivocally about it. we make certain we have all we need. We pierce unequivocally prohibited and quick on my team, so we don’t have a lot of time for stopping. If we need some Asprin, Mucinex, a integrate DayQuil—I’ve got to be prepared for war.

Do we have a plane-vs-car preference?
It’s essentially airplanes. Back in a day, when we initial started Triple D [Ed note: That’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives for a uninitiated] eleven or twelve years ago, we would fire one location, burst in a outpost with a whole team, we did a lot of that kind of stuff. Now a report and a approach things are, we have to make it happen, captain.

What’s your dream highway outing car?
I don’t know if I’d call it a car. We have this large RV that’s called a Renegade that’s 47 feet long. It’s built on a freight-liner truck, a semi-truck. we had to go get my blurb lorry drivers permit to expostulate it, that’s how large it is. Air brakes, atmosphere float cessation and a whole thing. That is one of my favorite things to drive. We gathering cranky nation from here in Santa Rosa where we live to Miami in this thing—5,000 miles plus. It was overwhelming to have your residence and your automobile in a same thing. Other than that, I’m a large fan of Corvettes. we adore jumping in my Corvette for a tour. Can’t move a lot of luggage, can’t move a lot of people. It depends on a voyage, it depends on a people, and it depends on a timeline. There are a lot of variables, yet I’m a large automobile man so there’s a far-reaching operation of what we like to take.

When you’re not working, what are some of your favorite vacation destinations?
Love to go to any of a islands. Love being around water. we only adore water. Of march going to a cabin—we have a cabin on a H2O in a tiny area in Northern California. Really suffer Tahoe, suffer a mountains, I’m an outdoor person. Anywhere where we’ve got a good outdoor is fun. we don’t like it super cold and we don’t like it super hot. If we do have a city sourroundings that I’m going to, one of my favorite cities, substantially my initial favorite city is Vegas. we adore Vegas. we went to college in Vegas. Our son went to propagandize in Vegas. I’ve got my restaurants in Vegas. Boston is another one of my favorite cities. Just being around a water, going down to a Cape. Going to Long Beach. Anywhere on a east, anywhere on a west, anywhere in a south.

Let’s speak islands. Which ones are your favorites?
I wish to do Tahiti and we wish to do a Philippines—I wish to do it all yet so distant when we contend islands we meant Hawaii. We did Oahu perpetually and shot Triple D there. Loved it. Then we pronounced we’d go to Maui. I’d been to Maui when we was younger and wasn’t that vehement about it, yet we only satisfied how bit it was and was in a wrong partial of a island. we was in too most of a traveller area and we don’t like a traveller stuff. Then we found some other places and we adore Maui. We’ve never been to a Big Island before, so this year a family is going there and we’re vehement for that. You know what it is, we adore culture. we didn’t even contend Mexico—Mexico is one of my favorite places. But we adore culture. we adore being around people and their environments and a food and a character and a appetite and a music—all of a aspects.

How do we navigate a night out in a city?
There’s no rhyme or reason. we don’t have a report of what where and why, yet it customarily involves articulate to my buddies. I’ve got somebody that’s a crony that knows something of a man that has something. we adore music, large song fan. Music is a large thing. Getting behind to that thing about food—I’m in a city for dual days. we wish to make certain that each dish we get is going to be a best one we can have. That’s about it. Depending on how many people and what a conditions is, what a subsequent day is, there’s always a barometer on a module depending on what a subsequent morning is. A lot of time there’s work a subsequent morning so we can’t be out too late or get too crazy.

In a box that things did get too crazy, do we have any go-to hangover cures?
Ohhhhhhh, sleep? [laughs] Sleep and Gatorade.

What tone Gatorade?
Lemon lime. There’s a large battle. Everybody’s got their Gatorade, yet I’m old-school Gatorade. That’s my favorite.

Do we have favorite hotels in a world?
Every city has their musty tiny boutique one-off, and we adore those. But I’m a Kimpton fan, a Fairmont fan, a Cromwell in Vegas is where we stay. Cromwell’s nice—it’s small, it’s petite, we know everybody there, it’s not distant from my restaurant, it’s easy. We keep an register of where we’ve been and where we’re going. Like, we’re removing prepared to fire in Seattle in a integrate weeks and we haven’t been there for a while. we adore good hotels and we love, for being a man who travels as most as we do, we unequivocally compensate courtesy to where we’re at. we only stayed in Oakland a other day even yet it was tighten to home yet trade was crazy so we stayed during a Fairmont, a large white hotel in Oakland, it’s called a Claremont. Oh my gosh what a pleasing hotel, and good people. It means a lot. I’m a man from a use industry, so we unequivocally conclude good use and liberality and courtesy to detail. That’s a kind of place we like to stay in. we consider a courtesy as a whole is doing a unequivocally good job.

Article source: https://www.gq.com/story/guy-fieri-travel-advice