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Why Some Republicans Voted Against a Antibigotry Resolution

Mr. Massie assimilated his colleagues in criticizing a range of a measure, seeking on Twitter, “Now that a fortitude protects only about each organisation on a planet, can we supplement ‘babies on a day of their birth’ as a stable class?”

A mouthpiece for Mr. Palazzo did not respond to a ask for comment.

“House Democrats had a event to make a clever matter opposite this sinister prejudice by condemning horrible statements,” Mr. Rogers in a statement. “Instead, they caved to their radical revolutionary bottom and took no suggestive action.”

Mr. Roy described a fortitude in a matter as “a sham cover opinion designed to equivocate traffic with a brute member.”

In a statement, Mr. Steube pronounced a fortitude should have mentioned Ms. Omar by name and a context of her remarks.

In a statement, Mr. Walker pronounced that it was a “spineless resolution” that “provided cover to a politician swelling loathing and anti-Semitism.”

“It was a really shoal vote,” Mr. Yoho pronounced in an talk on Friday. “They did all they could to not reject a one that was brought out to. So we consider it was only a uncover vote.”

In a building debate on Thursday, Mr. Zeldin asked because Ms. Omar was not named in a fortitude and remarkable that she had not apologized for her many new comments. (She apologized for other remarks seen as anti-Semitic.)

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/10/us/politics/republicans-anti-semitism-vote.html