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Will a Samsung Note 9 humour a same predestine as a Galaxy S9?


Samsung on Thursday will betray a inheritor to final year’s Note 8.

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Get prepared for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9. But if it’s anything like a Galaxy S9, don’t design to be blown away.

On Thursday, Samsung will broach a Galaxy Note 9, a reward large-screen smartphone sporting an S Pen stylus. The stylus could embody improvements that assistance it pierce over writing, sketch and navigation, and a uber-popular Fortnite diversion could make a Android entrance on a Note 9. But overall, a new indication is approaching to get tweaks instead of vital changes, something that could pull a Note to a same predestine as a Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus: indolent sales.

Samsung’s mainstream phones, that strike a marketplace on Mar 16, combined softened cameras and softened audio, yet they didn’t utterly fly off a shelves. In a second entertain — a initial full duration of Galaxy S9 sales — Samsung indeed mislaid some-more marketplace share than any other vital handset builder and posted a misfortune opening given a second entertain of 2013. Its shipments tumbled 11 percent from a prior year to 70.8 million units, according to IHS Markit.

The formula underscore a gossamer position that even Samsung, a reigning smartphone champ, sits in amid heightening foe from Chinese manufacturers like Huawei, Xiaomi and OnePlus. They also come as Apple’s iPhone X successfully woos buyers in places like a US, even yet it’s a many costly iPhone ever sold.

“Samsung is struggling to quarrel off a foe with a Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus devices,” IHS Markit said. “The association needs a subsequent Galaxy Note to broach in a latter partial of a year.”

A core quandary lies in a few changes Samsung done to a Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, that focused on camera improvements yet few earthy changes. With a Note 9 approaching to see singular changes as well, where’s a draw?

Slow sales

The Note 9 launch comes about a month before Apple’s subsequent iPhones are approaching and twin weeks progressing than final year’s Note 8 launch — partial of Samsung’s bid to get a burst on Apple and reanimate a mobile business. In late July, during a quarterly gain release, a association called a high-end smartphone marketplace “stagnant” and characterized Galaxy S9 sales as “slow.”

“Demand for smartphones and tablets is foresee to boost in a second half as a marketplace enters a duration of clever seasonality, yet foe is seen heightening as new smartphone models are released,” Samsung pronounced in a press release. “In response, Samsung will find to enhance sales by introducing a new Galaxy Note progressing than usual, that offers well-developed opening for a reasonable price.”

Samsung didn’t have serve criticism forward of a event.

It’s removing harder for phone makers to shake things adult each year. Consumers are holding onto their inclination for longer and are anticipating tweaks like softened cameras aren’t adequate to lure them to ascent each year or two. Even Apple struggled when it didn’t make make outrageous alterations to a iPhone lineup for 3 true years. Last year’s introduction of a iPhone X turned things around, though, and Apple final week became a first open US association to be value $1 trillion.

Tech advances?

The Note isn’t Samsung’s mainstream phone line, yet it’s still important. Samsung takes some-more risks with a bigger device, and it mostly tests new record in a Note before rolling it out to a mainstream Galaxy S line. As CNET’s Jessica Dolcourt wrote, a Note is customarily Samsung’s “‘best for last’ of a year.”

In a past, those riskier innovations enclosed a iris scanner, that initial seemed in 2016’s luckless Note 7, and twin camera lenses, that debuted in final year’s Note 8. Both facilities done their approach to a Galaxy S line.

Many hoped a Note 9 would embody a practical fingerprint reader underneath a front glass, yet a latest rumors indicate to Samsung saving that for subsequent year’s Galaxy S10. That means Samsung might not take as many risks as common with a Note lineup.

Money, money, money

A pivotal cause in possibly consumers will impugn or dip adult a Note 9 is how many it costs.

Prices for a latest and biggest smartphones altogether have been rising. Apple’s $1,000 iPhone X is $200 some-more than a prior many costly iPhone, a 7 Plus — yet that hasn’t unequivocally stopped people from shopping a device. Apple pronounced it has been a best-selling iPhone given a launch in November, and that’s helped boost a iPhone’s normal offered cost to $724 in a Jun entertain from $606 a year earlier.

Prices for Samsung phones too have increased. The cost of the Galaxy S9 varies depending on a carrier, yet during Verizon, a phone costs $800, while a Galaxy S8 retailed for $720 when it debuted final year. If we buy a Galaxy S9 directly from Samsung, it also costs $720.


That aloft cost from carriers is approaching a cause for because a S9 and S9 Plus aren’t offered as good as expected.

“Carriers suspicion they could get divided with charging more, presumably due to a success of a iPhone X,” GlobalData researcher Avi Greengart said. “But it turns out that, no, a iPhone X was an exception.”

He combined that he expects Samsung to possibly keep a Note 9 during a same cost as a Note 8 — it launched during $950 if bought directly from Samsung — or even reduce a price.

“They know they can't lift prices but introducing something radically new,” Greengart said.

For Samsung, that “radially new something” might not occur until subsequent year’s expected foldable phone.

Until then, Samsung might try to blow we divided with a Note 9’s price, instead of new bells and whistles. 

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