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Wind chills of -40˚ expected

Winter charge coming? Be prepared

Near 0 temperatures are approaching in New York’s Central Park, while it will drop next 0 in Boston.

“If it hits 0 in Central Park this weekend, it will be a initial time given Jan of 1993,” Hennen said.

Forecasters envision as many as 15 cities in a East could see record lows on Sunday, that is Valentine’s Day.

Winter charge brings sleet to East Coast Long Island Railroad workers transparent sleet off sight marks in Port Washington, New York, on Monday, Jan 25. A large winter charge clobbered a East Coast this weekend, shutting down transport in many of a nations largest cities.People trowel sleet from a lonesome travel in Wilmington, Delaware, on Jan 25.Pirjo Garby, left, and Tom Henry, both of Washington, lay nearby a Tidal Basin and watch a nightfall behind a Jefferson Memorial on Sunday, Jan 24.Snow is privileged along a travel in a Upper West Side area of New York on Jan 24.People puncture out their cars in Alexandria, Virginia, on Jan 24.A cab engineer in Washington tries to get his automobile out of a sleet on Jan 24.Workers transparent sleet from Long Island Railroad marks on Jan 24.Snow is piled in front of a U.S. Capitol on Jan 24.Workers mislay sleet on a tarmac during  Ronald Reagan National Airport on Jan 24. People cranky a snow- and slush-covered travel in New York on Jan 24.A male walks with a trowel past a line of snowed-in cars in Washington on Jan 24. North Wildwood, New Jersey, gifted flooding from a storm. Crews transparent a overpass in Lynchburg, Virginia, on Jan 24. Beatrice Evangeline, 3, walks by a slight shoveled-out trail in Philadelphia on Jan 24.Joe Damico, emissary executive of a Virginia Department of General Services, shovels a corridor to a State Capitol in Richmond, Virginia, on Jan 24. Police cars sojourn lonesome in sleet in New York on Jan 24. Quan Hill, left, and Lamont Hobson trowel their drive in Lynchburg on Jan 24. Workers purify a snow-covered travel in New Yorks Times Square on Jan 24. Crews work to mislay a sleet from a highway in Washington on Jan 24. A family tries to lift out a snow-bound automobile in Philadelphia on Jan 24.A vessel is partly submerged in high H2O in Middle Township, New Jersey, on Jan 24. A glow hydrant peeks out of low sleet in Centreville, Virginia, early on Jan 24.A walking in Washington walks south on 13th Street on Saturday, Jan 23.A women walks toward a liner packet depot in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, on Jan 23.Chris Holder, left, and Chris Hauger try to lift a installed six-wheel salt lorry in Baltimore on Jan 23.A line of cars and trucks were stranded along a Pennsylvania Turnpike on Jan 23.Michael McDonald attempts to lift his friends automobile out of sleet in Irvington, New York, on Jan 23. As his crony directed and kindly accelerated, McDonald was means to get a automobile out of a sleet and adult a hill. People make their approach down a travel in Jersey City, New Jersey, on Jan 23.Headstones protrusion from a sleet during Arlington National Cemetery.New Yorks Times Square was blanketed in sleet on Jan 23.People assistance lift a automobile out of a sleet as another engineer tows it in Richmond on Jan 23.Secret Service officers lift a military automobile stranded in front of a Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington on Jan 23.A male walks by Federal Hall in New York on Jan 23. A New York City movement workman shovels sleet from a transport height on Jan 23.Soldiers and a Washington firefighter in a Humvee support a stranded engineer in Washington on Jan 23.A New York City military officer uses a sleet ventilator to purify a sidewalks on Jan 23.People travel opposite Philadelphias Market Street as sleet falls during a dusk invert on Friday, Jan 22. Crews transparent a East Plaza during a U.S. Capitol as they try to keep adult with a complicated sleet on Jan 22. A male walks in a sleet in Washington on Jan 22. An collision plant nearby Richmond removes effects from a automobile along Interstate 95 on Jan 22. North Carolina state troopers respond to an collision involving a tractor-trailer in Whitsett, North Carolina, on Jan 22.Vehicles pierce along Interstate 85 as a pointer warns about inauspicious conditions in Greensboro, North Carolina, on Jan 22.A male carts home groceries as sleet falls in Towson, Maryland, on Jan 22.Snow is shoveled outward a opening of a Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee, on Jan 22.A 9-year-old child shovels a path during his residence in Bowling Green, Kentucky, on Jan 22. Snow slows down trade on Interstate 40 in Nashville on Friday, Jan 22. Duke Energy employees work to revive energy in Matthews, North Carolina, on Jan 22.A chairman walks by a floating sleet in Bowling Green on Jan 22.A male cleans his windshield wipers during a stop light in Bowling Green on Jan 22.Snow plows make their approach north along Interstate 95 as sleet starts to tumble in Ashland, Virginia, on Jan 22.A lady in Lynchburg shovels a sidewalks in front of her residence on Jan 22.05 winter continue 012506 winter continue 012517.winter charge 0124.AP_77320795300418.winter charge 0124.AP_77034446379204 winter continue 012519.winter charge 0124.AFP_7D2WX20 winter charge - RESTRICTED21.winter charge 0124.Big Snowstrom.JPEG-0e90809.winter charge 0124.Big Snowstorm Airlines.(2)10.winter charge 0124.AFP_7D0F611.winter charge 0124.APTOPIX Big Snowstorm.J(2)12.winter charge 0124.50657116413.winter charge 0124.Big Snowstorm Virginia.(2)14.winter charge 0124.50662370215.winter charge 0124.Big Snowstorm Virginia.(3)17.winter charge 0124.AFP_7D1WS16.winter charge 0124.Big Snowstorm Virginia.(4)01.winter charge 0124.GettyImages-50656924004.winter charge 0124.AP_79150350271405.winter charge 0124.AP_63290541888806.winter charge 0124.GettyImages-50656352607.winter charge 0124.GettyImages-50653577008.winter charge 0124.AP_8483606280819.winter charge 012320.winter charge - rESTRICTED02 stranded commuters 012322.winter charge 0123 - RESTRICTED23.winter charge 012324.winter charge 012308 sleet charge 0123 times sqaure11.winter charge 0123.Big Snowstorm Virginia.JPEG12.winter charge 0123.AFP_7C39V13.winter charge 0123.Big Snowstorm New York.JPEG04 sleet charge 012301 sleet charge 012303 sleet charge 012316 winter charge 012215 winter charge 0122 RESTRICTED07 sleet charge 0122 washington09.winter charge 0122.AP_36190512825210.winter charge 0122.GettyImages-50628046811.winter charge 0122.GettyImages-50628251412.winter charge 0122.AP_73288437759313.winter charge 0122.AP_12886316565314.winter charge 0122.AP_25643784233201 sleet charge 012203 sleet charge 0122 04 sleet charge 0122 05 sleet charge 0122 06 sleet charge 0122 07 sleet charge 0122

This bone-chilling continue comes a small some-more than dual weeks after a large winter storm pummeled New York and a Washington segment with a few feet of snow.

Elsewhere, storms are approaching to rise Monday in a Southeast and afterwards pierce to a Northeast by Tuesday. The heaviest sleet will expected tumble from Tennessee to a interior Northeast, meteorologists say, generally nearby a eastern Great Lakes.

Why milk, bread and toilet paper when it snows?

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