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With Zenbo, Asus Branches Out Into Home Robots

If you’re an Amazon Echo owners though wish your device could follow we around a residence like a Star Wars droid, Asus has a product for you: a $599 Zenbo robot.

Announced during a Computex wiring uncover in Taiwan today, it closely resembles an iMac G4. But it’s approach some-more than a computer: Zenbo’s white universe hides a set of wheels that propels it around a house, reading children’s stories and reminding whoever’s cooking breakfast how most flour to put in a waffles.

Asus Zenbo small

Attached to a tip of a universe around a glossy steel arm is a robot’s face, an oval-shaped shade with a built-in arrangement that can uncover information or, in loyal drudge fashion, eyes and a mouth. It also includes a camera, that can detect faces, take photos and videos, and offer remote home monitoring around an app.

Asus envisions a monitoring capabilities as generally useful for aged owners; if someone looks like they’ve depressed or are differently in distress, Zenbo can forewarn an puncture contact.

Some of these capabilities are built-in. Zenbo comes with a library of children’s books, interactive games and an encyclopedia. Other features, such as a ability to control connected home devices, will need developer support.

Other than mobility, a Zenbo’s AI capabilities are really identical to a Echo or a arriving Google Home. It listens and responds to oral requests, connects to amicable media accounts, and plays stereo-quality audio by a built-in speaker.

The Zenbo is also suggestive of Softbank’s Pepper robots, mobile humanoid machines that can detect their owners’ emotions formed on expressions and voice tones. But those cost $1,700 and still aren’t widely accessible roughly dual years after they were announced.

If Asus can broach all a facilities it announced currently for $599, it might be good on a approach to realizing a authority Jonney Shih’s prophesy to “enable robotic computing for each household.”

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