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‘Within a initial notation I’ll know’: Trump’s assured G-7 news conference, annotated

President Trump projected certainty as he left a G-7 limit in Canada to accommodate with North Korean celebrity Kim Jong Un in Singapore, presaging he will know “within a initial minute” possibly Kim is critical about denuclearization.

“Just my touch, my feel,” Trump pronounced during a news conference. “That’s what we do.”

The Fix has annotated a twin of a president’s sell with reporters, regulating Genius. To perspective an annotation, click on a yellow, highlighted text.

TRUMP: Well, conclude we unequivocally much. we conclude it. We’re removing prepared to make a large trip. We’re usually leaving, though we wanted to have a small bit of a discussion usually to announce what’s happened, how we’ve done. And we consider it’s been very, unequivocally successful.

We’ve resolved a unequivocally tremendously successful G-7 and would like to yield we with an update. And we know a gentlemen adult are a mythological Larry Kudlow and a mythological John Bolton. And we had a good meeting, both on invulnerability and sourroundings and, frankly, on tariffs, that are what we’re here for.

First, I’d like to conclude Prime Minister Trudeau for hosting this summit. It has worked out to be so wonderful. The people of Canada are wonderful, and it’s a good republic — and a unequivocally pleasing country, we competence add.

We tackled a accumulation of issues and opportunities confronting a nations. At a tip of a list was a emanate of trade — a unequivocally critical theme — since a United States has been taken advantage of for decades and decades, and we can’t do that anymore. We had intensely prolific discussions on a need to have satisfactory and reciprocal — meaning, a same. People can’t assign us 270 percent and we assign them nothing. That doesn’t work anymore.

I finished a lot of statements carrying to do with clarity. We wish and design other nations to yield satisfactory marketplace entrance to American exports, and that we will take whatever stairs are required to strengthen American attention and workers from astray unfamiliar trade practices, of which, really, there are many. But we’re removing them straightened out, solemnly though surely.

We also discussed a emanate of rash emigration and a hazard that it poses to both inhabitant confidence and other groups and countries, and a adults and peculiarity of life. We’re committed to addressing a emigration plea by assisting migrants to sojourn and pullulate in their possess home countries.

A far-reaching array of inhabitant confidence threats were addressed, including a hazard of Iran. The G-7 nations sojourn committed to determining Iran’s chief ambitions — with or though them, those ambitions are going to be tranquil — along with efforts to fight terrorism and extremism and those who widespread this lethal ideology.

The nations of a G-7 are firm together by common values and beliefs. That came out shrill and clear. Each of a nations is totally singular with a people and a possess emperor obligations. But we can coordinate together and grasp a common good — a good for all, good for all of a people, all of a nations.

We’re related in a good bid to emanate a some-more just, pacific and moneyed world. And from a standpoint of trade and jobs and being satisfactory to companies, we are really, we think, committed. we consider they are starting to be committed to a many some-more satisfactory trade conditions for a United States since it has been treated very, unequivocally unfairly. And we don’t censure other leaders for that. we censure a past leaders. There was no reason that this should have happened.

Last year, they mislaid 800 — we as a nation, over a years — though a latest series is $817 billion on trade. That’s ridiculous, and it’s unacceptable. And everybody was told that. So we don’t censure them. we censure a leaders. In fact, we honour a leaders of other countries for so crazily being means to make these trade deals that were so good for their republic and so bad for a United States. But those days are over.

In usually a few minutes, I’ll be withdrawal for Singapore. I’ll be on a goal of peace, and we will lift in, unequivocally — in my heart, we’re going to be carrying a hearts of millions of people, people from all over a world. We have to get denuclearization. We have to get something going.

We unequivocally consider that North Korea will be a extensive place in a unequivocally brief duration of time. And we conclude all that’s going on. We conclude a operative together with North Korea. They’re unequivocally operative unequivocally good with us. So, we say, so far, so good. We’re going to have to see what happens. And we’re going to know unequivocally soon.

So I’ll be withdrawal — as shortly as we’re finished with this conference, I’ll be leaving. And we unequivocally many demeanour brazen to it. we consider it’s unequivocally critical for North Korea and South Korea and Japan — and a universe and a United States. It’s a good thing. And we’ll see what happens.

Okay. Any questions? Yes, yes.

Q: Mr. President, we are about to embark on what competence be a many critical assembly you’ve ever had in your life. What’s in your gut? Steel nerves or butterflies? Can we news how we feel?

TRUMP: Well, there’s always everything. It’s really, we know, this has substantially frequency been done. It’s opposite territory, in a truest sense. But we unequivocally feel confident. we feel that Kim Jong Un wants to do something good for his people, and he has that opportunity. And he won’t have that event again. It’s never going to be there again.

So we unequivocally trust that he’s going to do something unequivocally certain for his people, for himself, his family. He’s got an opportunity, a likes of that we consider roughly — if we demeanour into history, unequivocally few people have ever had. He can take that nation, with those good people, and truly make it great. So it’s a one-time — it’s a one-time shot. And we consider it’s going to work out unequivocally well. That’s since we feel certain — since it creates so many sense.

And we will watch over, and we’ll protect, and we’ll do a lot of things. we can contend that South Korea, Japan, China — many countries wish to see it happen. And they’ll help. They’ll all help. So there’s a good — there’s unequivocally — this is a good time. This has not happened in all of a years that they’ve been distant by a unequivocally synthetic boundary. This is a good event for peace, and durability assent and prosperity.

Yes, ma’am.

Q: Mr. President, did we lift bringing Russia behind into a G-7 during your meetings? And when have we final oral to Vladimir Putin? Do we design to accommodate him in Vienna this summer?

TRUMP: Yeah, we have not oral to Vladimir Putin in utterly a while. It has been discussed. We didn’t do votes or anything, though it has been discussed. Some people like a thought of bringing Russia behind in. This used to be a G-8, not a G-7. And something happened a while ago, where Russia is no longer in.

I consider it would be an item to have Russia behind in. we consider it would be good for a world. we consider it would be good for Russia. we consider it would be good for a United States. we consider it would be good for all of a countries of a stream G-7. we consider a G-8 would be better. we consider carrying Russia behind in would be a certain thing. We’re looking for assent in a world. We’re not looking to play games.

Okay. Question? Yes.

Q: Mr. President, we pronounced that this was a certain assembly but, from a outside, it seemed utterly contentious. Did we get any denote from your interlocutors that they were going to make any concessions to you? And we trust that we lifted a thought of a tariff-free G-7. Is that …

TRUMP: we did. Oh, we did. That’s a approach it should be. No tariffs, no barriers. That’s a approach it should be.

Q: How did it go down?

TRUMP: And no subsidies. we even pronounced no tariffs. In other words, let’s contend Canada, where we have extensive tariffs; a United States pays extensive tariffs on dairy. As an example: 270 percent. Nobody knows that. We compensate nothing. We don’t wish to compensate anything. Why should we pay?

We have to — since ultimately, that’s what we want. You wish a tariff-free, we wish no barriers, and we wish no subsidies, since we have some cases where countries are subsidizing industries, and that’s not fair. So we go tariff-free, we go barrier-free, we go subsidy-free.

That’s a approach we schooled during a Wharton School of Finance. we mean, that would be a ultimate thing. Now, possibly or not that works — though we did advise it, and people were, we guess, they got to go behind to a sketch and check it out, right?

But we can’t have, an example, where we’re essential — a United States is essential 270 percent. Just can’t have it. And when they send things into us, we don’t have that. we will say, it was not contentious. What was clever was a denunciation that this can't go on. But a relations are unequivocally good, possibly it be President Macron or with Justin. We had — Justin did a unequivocally good job. we consider a relations were outstanding.

But since of a fact that a United States leaders of a past didn’t do a good pursuit on trade — and, again, I’m not blaming countries; I’m blaming a people that represented a past. It’s got to change. It’s going to change. we mean, it’s not a doubt of, “I wish it changes.” It’s going to change, a hundred percent.

And tariffs are going to come approach down since people can't continue to do that. We’re like a piggy bank that everybody is robbing. And that ends. In fact, Larry Kudlow is a good consultant on this, and he’s a sum giveaway trader. But even Larry has seen a ravages of what they’ve finished with their tariffs. Would we like to contend something, Larry, unequivocally quickly? It competence be interesting.

KUDLOW: One engaging point, in terms of a G-7 organisation meeting: we don’t know if they were astounded with President Trump’s free-trade proclamation, though they positively listened to it, and we had extensive discussions about that. As a psaid, revoke these barriers. In fact, go to zero. Zero tariffs. Zero non-tariff barriers. Zero subsidies.

And, along a way, we’re going to have to purify adult a general trade system, about that there was practical accord of agreement on that. And that will be a target. And these are a best ways to foster mercantile growth, and we’ll all be improved during it, and we’ll all be stronger during it. So I, myself, was quite appreciative to hear my boss speak about giveaway trade. Thank you, sir.

TRUMP: Thank you. And it’s unequivocally astray to a farmers. Our farmers are, radically — possibly it’s by a barrier, non-monetary barrier, or possibly it’s by unequivocally high tariffs that make it unfit — and this is all over a world. This isn’t usually G-7.

I mean, we have India, where some of a tariffs are 100 percent. A hundred percent. And we assign nothing. We can’t do that. And so we are articulate to many countries. We’re articulate to all countries. And it’s going to stop. Or we’ll stop trade with them. And that’s a unequivocally essential answer, if we have to do it.

Yes, sir.

Q: Thank you, Mr. President. Another doubt on trade: You usually pronounced that we consider that a tariffs are indeed going to come down, though it does seem that these several countries are relocating brazen with retaliatory tariffs on a U.S. Did we get any concessions or any agreements with any of these countries not to pierce brazen with those tariffs? And are we peaceful to not pierce brazen with …

TRUMP: Well, if they retaliate, they’re creation a mistake. Because, we see, we have a extensive trade imbalance. So when we try and move a square adult a small bit so that it’s not so bad, and afterwards they go up, right, a disproportion is they do so many some-more business with us than we do with them that we can’t remove that. You understand. We can’t remove it.

And, as an example, with one republic we have $375 billion in trade deficits. We can’t lose. You could make a box that they mislaid years ago. But when you’re down $375 billion, we can’t lose. And we have to move them up. So there’s unequivocally bad spirit.

When we have a large trade imbalance and we wish to move it adult to change — usually change — and they keep lifting it so that we never catch, that’s not a good thing to do. And we have very, unequivocally clever measures that take caring of that since we do so much. The numbers are so astronomically opposite them, in terms of anything, as per your question. We win that fight a thousand times out of a thousand.

Yes. Yes, sir.

Q: Are we tighten to a understanding on NAFTA? Your press secretary pronounced …

TRUMP: So dual things can occur on NAFTA: We’ll possibly leave it a approach it is, as a trio understanding with Canada and with a United States and Mexico, and change it unequivocally substantially; we’re articulate about unequivocally large changes. Or we’re going to make a understanding directly with Canada and directly with Mexico. Both of those things could happen.

If a understanding isn’t made, that would be a unequivocally bad thing for Canada, and it would be a unequivocally bad thing for Mexico. For a United States, frankly, it would be a good thing. But I’m not looking to do that. I’m not looking to play that game. So we’re possibly going to have NAFTA in a better-negotiated form or we’re going to have dual deals.

Q: And does it have to have a nightfall proviso in it?

TRUMP: It will have a sunset. You have a dual sunsets. we mean, we have an ISDS sustenance and a nightfall provision. They’ve been unequivocally heavily negotiated. You have dual sunsets, dual concepts of sunset. We’re flattering tighten on a nightfall provision. Okay?

Q: Like 5 years or …

TRUMP: Well, we have one that’s 5 years; we know it unequivocally well. You’ve complicated this unequivocally well. Congratulations. That’s right. You have one organisation that likes to have 5 years and afterwards a renegotiation during a finish of 5 years. And we have another organisation that wants longer since of a investments. But we’re flattering close.

Yes, sir.

Q: Mr. President, David Herszenhorn with Politico Europe. Just to come behind to Russia for a second: Something that happened that got them kicked out of a G-8 was a advance and cast of Crimea. Do we consider that Crimea should be famous as Russian …

TRUMP: Well, we know, we have to ask President Obama, since he was a one that let Crimea get away. That was during his administration. And he was a one that let Russia go and spend a lot of income on Crimea, since they’ve spent a lot of income on rebuilding it. we theory they have their submarine pier there and such.

But Crimea was let go during a Obama administration. And, we know, Obama can contend all he wants, though he authorised Russia to take Crimea. we competence have had a many opposite attitude. So you’d unequivocally have to ask that doubt to President Obama, we know, since did he do that? Why did he do that? But with that being said, it’s been finished a prolonged time.

Q: But we would concede Russia behind into a G-8 with Crimea still …

TRUMP: we would rather see Russia in a G-8 as against to a G-7. we would contend that a G-8 is a some-more suggestive organisation than a G-7, absolutely.

Yes. Yes, ma’am.

Q: How impressive did we find a Europeans and Canadians when they finished a box to we that we shouldn’t use inhabitant confidence as a justification for tariffs?

TRUMP: They substantially didn’t even make that case. we mean, my box is a fact that it is inhabitant security. It’s a change sheet; it’s a strength. It’s positively inhabitant security. And, we know, if we demeanour during a — usually take a demeanour during a change sheet. We’re going to have a unequivocally clever change piece unequivocally shortly since of what we’re doing.

We have a strongest economy that we’ve ever had in a United States — in a story of a United States. We have a best stagnation numbers. Black unemployment, a lowest in history. Hispanic unemployment, a lowest in history.

I don’t meant a lowest in a final 10 years or 20 years. The lowest in a story of this country. Black stagnation is doing a best it’s ever done. Hispanic doing a best. Women are now adult to 21 years. Soon it’s going to be a best ever in a story — in a country’s history.

We have to have deals that are fair, and we have to have deals that are economic. Otherwise, that does, in fact, impact a military. Okay?

Q: How do we make that box for autos?

TRUMP: Oh, it’s unequivocally easy. It’s economic. It’s a change sheet. To have a good military, we need a good change sheet.

Yes, sir. Go ahead.

Q: As we were streamer into these G-7 talks, there was a clarity that America’s closest allies were undone with we and indignant with you, and that we were indignant with them and that we were withdrawal here early to go accommodate for some-more friendlier talks with Kim Jong Un in Singapore. And I’m wondering if we …

TRUMP: It’s good put, we think.

Q: … if we perspective it a same way. And do we perspective a U.S. fondness system, changeable underneath your presidency, divided …

TRUMP: Who are we with, out of curiosity?


TRUMP: we figured. Fake News CNN. The worst. But we could tell by a question. we had no thought we were CNN. After a question, we was usually extraordinary as to who we were with. You were CNN.

I would contend that a turn of attribute is a 10. We have a good relationship, Angela and Emmanuel and Justin. we would contend a attribute is a 10.

And we don’t censure them. we blame, as we said, we censure a past leaders for permitting this to happen. There was no reason this should happen. There’s no reason that we should have large trade deficits with substantially any republic in a world.

I’m going prolonged over a G-7. There’s no reason for this. It’s a error of a people that preceded me. And I’m not usually observant President Obama. I’m going behind a prolonged way. You can go behind 50 years, frankly. It usually got worse and worse and worse.

You know, we used to be a republic that was unbelievably cash-flow-oriented. Had no debt of any consequence, and that built a highway system. We built a widespread complement out of — substantially out of money flow. And it was a lot different.

No, we have a unequivocally good relationship, and we don’t censure these people, though we will censure them if they don’t act intelligent and do what they have to do since they have no choice. I’ll be honest with you, they have no choice. They’re possibly going to make a trades satisfactory since a farmers have been hurt. You demeanour during a farmers. For 15 years, a graph is going usually like this: down. Our farmers have been hurt, a workers have been hurt. Our companies have changed out and changed to Mexico and other countries, including Canada.

Now, we are going to repair that situation. And if it’s not fixed, we’re not going to understanding with these countries. But a attribute that I’ve had is great. So we can tell that to your feign friends during CNN. The attribute that I’ve had with a people, a leaders of these countries, has been — we would, really, rate it, on a scale of 0 to 10, we would rate it a 10.

That doesn’t meant we determine with what they’re doing. And they know unequivocally good that we don’t. So we’re negotiating unequivocally hard, tariffs and barriers. As an example, a European Union is heartless to a United States. They don’t — and they know that. They know it. When I’m revelation them, they’re smiling during me. You know, it’s like a hop is up. It’s like a hop is up. They’re not perplexing to — there’s 0 they can say. They can’t trust they got divided with it.

Canada can’t trust it got divided with it. Mexico: We have $100 billion trade necessity with Mexico, and that doesn’t embody all a drugs that are pouring in since we have no wall. But we are. We started building a wall, as we know: $1.6 billion, and we’re going to keep that going.

But a lot of these countries indeed grin during me when I’m talking. And a grin is, “We couldn’t trust we got divided with it.” That’s a smile. So it’s going to change. It’s going to change. They have no choice. If it’s not going to change, we’re not going to trade with them.

Okay, how about a integrate of more? Go ahead, in a back.

Q: Thanks, Mr. President. Eliana Johnson with Politico.

TRUMP: Yes. Hi.

Q: Going into these talks with Kim Jong Un, do we have a transparent design of what we wish to get out of them?

TRUMP: we have a transparent objective. But we have to say, Eliana, that it’s going to be something that will always be coax of a moment. You don’t know. You know, this has not been finished before during this level. This is a celebrity who unequivocally is an opposite personality. People don’t know many about him. we consider that he’s going to surprise, on a upside, unequivocally many on a upside. We’ll see.

But never been done. Never been tested. Many people, universe leaders — I’m articulate about universe leaders that have been right subsequent to him have never met him.

So we’re going in with a unequivocally certain spirit. we consider unequivocally good prepared. we consider — and, by a way, we have worked unequivocally good with their people. They have many people right now in Shanghai; a people have been — in Singapore. Our people have been operative very, unequivocally good with a member of North Korea.

So we’re going in with a unequivocally certain attitude, and we consider we’re going to come out fine. But I’ve pronounced it many times: Who knows? Who knows? May not. May not work out. It’s a good possibility it won’t work out. There’s substantially an even improved possibility that it will take a duration of time. It will be a process.

Q: Is there a sold outcome that we would demeanour for from this initial speak to decider possibly we consider things are going well?

TRUMP: Well, we consider a smallest would be relationship. You’d start, during least, a dialogue. Because, we know, as a understanding person, I’ve finished unequivocally good with deals. What we wish to do is start that. Now, I’d like to accomplish some-more than that. But, during a minimum, we do believe, during slightest we’ll have met any other. We will have seen any other. Hopefully we will have favourite any other, and we’ll start that process.

So we would contend that would be a minimal. And a maximum, we consider we know a answer to that. But we consider that will take a small bit of time.

Okay? Yeah.

Q: How prolonged do we consider that it will take we to figure out possibly he’s critical about denuclearization?

TRUMP: That’s a good question. How prolonged will it take? we consider within a initial notation I’ll know.

Q: How?

TRUMP: Just my touch, my feel. That’s what we do. How prolonged will it take to figure out possibly or not they’re serious? we pronounced maybe in a initial minute. You know, a approach — they contend that we know if you’re going to like somebody in a initial 5 seconds. You ever hear that one? Well, we consider that unequivocally quick I’ll know possibly or not something good is going to happen.

I also consider I’ll know possibly or not it will occur fast. It competence not. But we consider I’ll know flattering quick possibly or not, in my opinion, something certain will happen. And if we consider it won’t happen, I’m not going to rubbish my time. we don’t wish to rubbish his time.

Yes, ma’am.

Q: Are we endangered about all that just, like, giving Kim a meeting, that he’s removing a win as a …

TRUMP: No, no, no, no. That’s usually — usually a feign news says that. You know, this — look, we usually got 3 hostages back. We paid nothing. They came back. They’re happily ensconced in their homes with their families. They’re a happiest people in a universe right now.

We have gotten — we know, we haven’t finished anything. Everyone said, we know, a haters, they say, “Oh, you’re giving him a meeting.” Give me a break, okay? There’s nothing. we consider if we didn’t do this, it would be — and it’s never been finished before, we know. It’s never been finished before. And, obviously, what has been finished before hasn’t worked.

And this is something — we can’t highlight this clever enough: You know, we talked about tariffs that prior people — and I’m not looking to impugn people that were preceding me — though on tariffs, it should have never happened. Well, a same thing on North Korea. We shouldn’t be in this position. We shouldn’t be in this position on tariffs. We were hundreds of billions of dollars down to other countries that, frankly, were never even negotiated with. They never even got oral to.

I asked a tip chairman in China, “How did it get so bad?” He looked during me, he said, “Nobody ever talked to us.” They were blank in action, a leaders.

Well, a unequivocally identical thing, if we consider about it, took place with North Korea. This should not be finished now. This should have been finished 5 years ago and 10 years ago and 25 years ago. It shouldn’t be finished now.

Q: Have we oral to Kim during all in a final …

TRUMP: we can’t criticism on that.

Okay, one some-more question.

Q: A follow-up on North Korea. Will we lift a gulags with Kim Jong Un and …

TRUMP: We’re going to lift any issue.

Q: … and a (inaudible) and kidnappings?

TRUMP: Every emanate is going to be raised.

Q: Mr. President, we’re sitting here and, kind of, you’ve pounded a U.S. press behind home, though you’ve also finished it on unfamiliar soil. we theory we wish — I’d like to ask we since we do that. Do we consider …

TRUMP: Because a U.S. press is unequivocally dishonest, many of it. Not all of it. Oh, we have some folks in your contention that are with a U.S., in a U.S. — citizens, unapproachable citizens; they’re reporters. These are some of a many superb people we know. But there are many people in a press that are unbelievably dishonest. They don’t cover stories a approach they’re ostensible to be. They don’t even news them, in many cases, if they’re positive.

So there’s extensive — we know, we came adult with a tenure “fake news.” It’s a lot of feign news. But, during a same time, we have good honour for many people in a press.

Thank we all unequivocally much. we conclude it. Thank you. Thank you.

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