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Woman arrested for allegedly assisting contingent shun from Orange County jail

A 44-year-old woman was arrested for allegedly aiding three inmates in a adventurous shun from Orange County’s largest jail, officials pronounced Thursday.

The detain confirms what many had already suspected, that fugitives Hossein Nayeri, Jonathan Tieu and Bac Duong perceived outward assistance when they pennyless out of the Men’s Central Jail on Jan. 22.

The woman, Nooshafarian Ravaghi, a Lake Forest resident, was an English as a Second Language clergyman during Rancho Santiago Community College and had been working as a engaged worker during a jail for a final 6 months, according to Lt. Jeffrey Hallock, a orator for a Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Nayeri had been attending one of a woman’s classes, and they grown a accessible attribute from there, according to Hallock, who pronounced military trust she “directly contributed to a shun and supposing convincing formulation tools.”

Ravaghi has denied providing the escapees with anything over maps. But Hallock pronounced investigators “absolutey could not order out” a possiblity that she supposing a earthy collection a group used to cut their approach into a jail’s plumbing tunnels.

She was arrested during approximately 3:30 p.m., Hallock said. Calls to a Rancho Santiago Community College District seeking criticism were not immediately returned.

Hallock also pronounced military trust a fugitives are vital out of a White GMC Savannah Utility Van that was stolen from South Los Angeles progressing this week. The contingent stole a automobile after Duong replied to a CraigsList announcement charity to sell a vehicle, Hallock said.

The contingent transient from a Santa Ana jail someday after 5 a.m last Friday, slicing by 4 layers of steel, steel and rebar as they changed by a jail’s plumbing tunnels and an atmosphere duct. They ascended to a roof, one building above a dormitory area where they had been housed, and used a temporary wire of curled bedsheets and cloth to rappel down a side of a building.

They haven’t been seen since.

Police do not trust a group fled a country, or even a state. Hallock pronounced Thursday that military still trust a group are stealing somewhere in Southern California, and investigators “feel really strongly” that a group have not separate adult given a escape.

At slightest 10 other people have been arrested given Wednesday as partial of a shun investigation. Some were squad members, others were incarcerated since of hearing violations.

Hallock pronounced some of those arrested were partial of a same squad as Tieu. The dialect has not identified a gang, though justice annals uncover Tieu was one of several members of the Tiny Rascals, a vast South Asian squad famous to work in Orange County and Long Beach, charged in a 2011 murder.

Tieu was set to be retried in that murdering subsequent month, prosecutors have said.

Nayeri was available hearing in a heartless 2012 woe plot. Prosecutors lay he and several accomplices kidnapped a man, kick him, burnt him with a blowtorch and severed his penis in an try to extract $1 million.

Duong was arrested and charged with attempted murder in late 2015, prosecutors said.

Ravaghi’s impasse bears a distinguished likeness to another jail mangle that gained inhabitant attention in upstate New York final summer.

Convicted killers Richard Matt and David Sweat sparked a three-week manhunt after they used energy collection to cut by steel pipes and plates inside a aging Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, N.Y., to mangle by a section wall and stand out by a manhole cover on their approach out of a prison.

An review after suggested that a jail worker who had tutored one of a group as partial of an “honor program” smuggled in hacksaw blades and other collection a group used in their escape.

Matt was shot and killed 20 days after he escaped, and Sweat was shot and prisoner dual days after that.

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