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Wounded teen who put cops on route of Parkland shooter earnings to school

The bleeding tyro praised for giving military a spot-on outline of a Parkland propagandize shooter has returned to category roughly dual months after a massacre.

Kyle Laman, 15, scarcely mislaid a prong — if not his life — on a day Nikolas Cruz prowled a halls of a school, murdering 17 people and wounding 17 others. Despite being shot in a foot, Kyle pronounced he never deliberate withdrawing from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High.

The high propagandize beginner rejoined his classmates on campus this week. Even yet he’s still recuperating from his bullet wound, he’d cite to skip a bitch around his lapse — or his partial in assisting cops seize a shooter, according to his mother.

“I only wanted to see some of my friends,” pronounced Kyle, who will be confronting some-more surgeries before he can travel again.

He spent 16 days in a hospital before going home.

On Monday, Kyle showed adult to propagandize accompanied by Coral Springs Police Sgt. Jeff Heinrich, a officer who found Kyle using on his harmed feet in a field. Heinrich got him to paramedics after administering initial aid.

Kyle gave Heinrich a outline of a shooter that was “spot on,” including where a shooter had been and what he was wearing, military said.

On Tuesday, Kyle’s initial full day behind to school, Coral Springs Commissioner Larry Vignola pushed him in his wheelchair around campus.