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Yoenis Cespedes arrived during Spring Training on Thursday in nonetheless another crazy car

Most Mets spent some-more than a few moments Tuesday ogling Yoenis Cespedes‘ ride, a tricked-out Polaris Slingshot three-wheel motorcycle.


A day later, Cespedes rolled into stay in a Lamborghini Aventador that a same male who customized his trike, Alex Vega of The Auto Firm in Miami, given for an additional $80,000:

And on Thursday, he debuted a beautiful red Alfa Romeo we see adult top. But those are distant from Cespedes’ usually vehicles. Here’s a deeper look into a Mets outfielder’s garage:

The car: Ford F250
Debut during Mets camp: Sunday
MSRP: $32,385 and up
Customizations: $30,000

Work done: Vega embellished scarcely all in this automobile white to compare a exterior, adding some black details. The lorry has a new conduct flare with halo bulbs, back LED tail lights, a front griddle with a Avorza trademark and an LED light bar, a six-inch cessation lift kit, off-road wheels, a tradition empty complement and an Audison sound system.

The skinny: It’s tough not to notice this larger-than-life, cotton-white lorry when it rumbles into a players’ lot. It done for an oversized opening when Cespedes initial reported to Mets stay over a weekend, posing for cinema outward a vehicle.

The car: Polaris Slingshot
Debut during Mets camp: Tuesday
MSRP: $21,499 and up
Customizations: $40,000

Work done: Highlights here embody carbon-fiber leather seats and a 9-inch video shade with Bluetooth integration. The wheels, audio system, LED lights, air-ride cessation and empty complement were all customized to Cespedes’ liking.

The skinny: Cespedes indeed owns dual of these trikes — a red-and-black chronicle that scarcely pennyless amicable media on Tuesday, and a black-and-blue chronicle that facilities a shamrock and a aphorism “Live Lucky” on a hood. The former automobile cost $68,000, including customizations.

The car: Lamborghini Aventador
Debut during Mets camp: Wednesday
MSRP: $397,500 and up
Customizations: $80,000

Work done: This is a large one. Vega nude this automobile “to a unclothed bone,” repainting it a tradition black tone with blue lead accents. The interior, wheels and Audison sound complement are all tradition as well, though a prominence here is a empty system: an Avorza indication that “spits fire.”

The skinny: Even before this Lamborghini perceived a makeover, it profiled as one of a many costly cars on a American market. Sure enough, players and coaches filtered out of a hall Wednesday when they listened a sound of Cespedes’ motor, gnawing cinema with their dungeon phones. With a grin, backup catcher Kevin Plawecki quipped that his Toyota Highlander would be a subsequent large automobile to uncover adult in a lot.


The car: Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione
Debut during Mets camp: Thursday MSRP: Appx. $250,000

Work done: The customization on this Italian sports automobile is some-more subtle, though Cespedes didn’t forget to supplement his possess personal flair. In a core of any tradition circle is a tiny No. 52 trademark — as if anyone could forget who owns this beauty.

The skinny: Though Cespedes debuted this automobile on Thursday, he has indeed been vouchsafing teammate Wilmer Flores expostulate it for many of a spring. That’s not distinct Cespedes, who is inexhaustible with his automobile collection. Wednesday, he let a member of a kitchen staff borrow his Lamborghini for a Target run.

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